Best Rectal Thermometer for Babies, Basics, Which one is Best?

Do you feel your newborn baby a little bit warmer today? If yes, then your baby may have attacked with fever. So, please do not make a delay and check your baby’s body temperature. To check the temperature, you definitely need a thermometer. My today’s post is basically on the thermometer and specially thermometer for babies. Moreover, I will also be talking about digital thermometer for babies especially best rectal thermometer for babies. First, I will provide you with a brief about thermometer and I will gradually talk about several other aspects related to thermometer for babies later on. So, as you move, you will be able to get acquainted with several new matters as well.

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What is a thermometer?

A thermometer is simply a temperature measuring device. There can be two types of thermometer and they are 1. Analogue thermometer and  2. Digital thermometer. The main component of an analogue thermometer is mercury, which measures the temperature.

Although, the temperature measurement by both types of thermometer is easy, but a digital thermometer may an easier option for you I think and I suggest you to buy the digital thermometer for babies.

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best rectal thermometer for babies

Why you need a thermometer?

You can feel and express, but your baby just can feel and not able to express his/her feelings when too young. You should always keep a thermometer in your home and if you do not have, then buy a thermometer immediately. Moreover, like other necessary elements of your home, a thermometer has also that mark.

But, as I said that, you need a special digital thermometer for your baby. In addition to that, all the types of thermometers will not give you an accurate result. Therefore, you need to buy the perfect thermometer for babies. There are many brands of thermometer on the market which are specially made for babies. But, you need to be choosy and pick the right one.

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Why should use digital thermometer not Old Mercury Thermometers?

Using of mercury thermometer is alright as long as you use them correctly. But, if you break it, the problems will start. Moreover, an improper disposal of mercury thermometer can lead to serious environmental and health hazards as well. Mercury is basically a toxic metal and it may cause severe neurological disorders.

On the other hand, there are many brands of non-mercury thermometer on the market. The main component used in a non-mercury thermometer is non-toxic alcohol instead of using mercury. They are also called a spirit thermometer or alcohol thermometer and alcohol measures the temperature.

Like as mercury, the alcohol of digital thermometer gets expanded in volume while it gets warmer and leads to the rise of the liquid inside the glass thermometer.

So, you should go for a digital thermometer as it provides an accurate result in a less amount of time.

How a digital thermometer works?

The temperature measuring device present in a digital thermometer is called thermoresistor. A thermoresistor has both electrical conductance and resistance capacity. Electricity conductance or resistance shifts with the temperature and thus a digital thermometer calculate the temperature with the help of the thermoresistor. Moreover, a little computer or other electrical circuit measures the resistance, converts it to the temperature and show the result on the display.

Types of Baby Thermometers

I have already said that, to measure your baby’s body temperature, you need some special types of thermometer for babies. Now I am going to talk about some types of thermometers which are specially made for babies.

  1. Rectal thermometers: Using a rectal thermometer can be considered as the best way to measure a baby’s temperature. You may think this can create an uncomfortable situation for babies, but they are very effective in measuring a baby’s body temperature. Moreover, if you want to buy a best rectal thermometer for your baby, you need to seek for a wide base and a short tip thermometer. Because, these characteristics will prevent it from inserting too much which can create a severe situation.
  1. Temporal artery thermometer: These types of thermometers are one of the latest types of thermometer for babies. Although they are much expensive, but they are much more effective in showing accurate result. The basic function of the thermometer involves using an infrared technology to scan and measure the temperature of the temporal artery of the forehead. They are much safer and convenient since, you do not actually need to touch your baby. Moreover, the accuracy of the thermometer has been granted by the specialist and so they have also used in hospitals. Along with that, they are perfectly suitable for the children from three months and older. On the other hand, specialists suggest that, you need to go for a double- check with the rectal thermometer if your baby is under 3 months old.
  1. Armpit thermometers: Although these types of thermometers have a less accuracy, they are also less invasive. Moreover, they are cheap in cost. But, I like to suggest you buy digital thermometer.
  1. Ear canal thermometers: These types of thermometers are common and less invasive as well. Moreover, they are much easier to use. The function of the thermometer involves placing it in the ear and it will give an accurate result in children over 1 year old. On the other hand, since it needs to place the thermometer in the ear, it may be uncomfortable for the babies less than 1 year old because, their ear canal opening is too narrow. So, it is better to use in children over 1 year old.
  1. Oral thermometers: Oral thermometers are safe, cheap and easy to use. Moreover, it basically provides an accurate result. To take the temperature using it, just place it under the tongue of your baby and wait for a while. These types of thermometers are specially a good option for the children over 4 years of age.
  1. Pacifier thermometers: These are thermometers which are built into a pacifier, meant especially for young children. Although you may think about them as an ideal choice, but they are not actually recommended by the pediatricians since they do not provide an accurate result.

The perfect thermometer for babies according to age

  1. 3 months and younger: The pediatricians usually recommend to use a best rectal thermometer for babies with 3 months or less than 3 months old. Moreover, they usually provide the most accurate result. So, if you think your baby got a fever, then you go for a double- check with the rectal thermometer. Moreover, since your baby is too young, you may consult with your doctor to learn the use of a rectal thermometer correctly.

So, if want to buy one, I like to suggest you to buy the safety 1st gentle use rectal thermometer.

  1. 3 months and more: If your baby is more than 3 months, then you should use a forehead or temporal artery thermometer. Although the instruction of use this thermometer is not much easy, but a little practice will help you to come up with. To use it, you just need to gently touch your baby’s forehead and observe the temperature carefully. To use it, just place it at the center of your baby’s forehead, press the button and gently swipe it across the forehead. After that, you will hear a “beep” which will ensure you that it works nicely.

So, if you are going to buy a temporal thermometer, I suggest you to buy the Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer.

Normal body temperature for a baby

It is important to know the normal temperature of a baby. Although the temperature varies a little bit, there is a normal body temperature range for babies. The temperature is about 36.4 degree Celsius for a healthy baby. On the other hand, if there is a fever, the temperature may rise to 38 degrees Celsius and more.

Your baby may have a fever if he/she:

  • Feels warmer than usual (forehead, back or stomach)
  • Feels sweaty
  • Has flushed cheeks

So, if you think that your baby got a fever, then check the temperature with a digital thermometer and consult with the pediatrician to get medical advice.

Normal baby temperature armpit

Normal armpit temperature for babies is between 34.7- 37.3 degree Celsius and it rises up to 37.4 degree Celsius and more in case of a fever.

How to take your baby’s temperature?

Now, I will show you some procedures which will help to take your baby’s temperature correctly.

How to take your baby’s rectal temperature?

To take your baby’s rectal temperature, first put your baby comfortably on the bed. After that, put some petroleum jelly on the bulb of the thermometer and insert it to the rectal canal of your baby as per directed and wait for about 2 minutes before bringing it out.

How to take your baby’s oral temperature?

Before taking your baby’s oral temperature, make sure that he/she did not take any cold or hot foods. If so, then wait for a while to skip the temperature effect. Now, put the tip of the thermometer under your baby’s tongue, close the lips and wait for a couple of minutes.

How to take your baby’s armpit temperature?

Place the thermometer bulb under your baby’s armpit and allow to settle for 3-4 minutes before removing. To take temperature by this way, make sure that your baby’s armpit is holding the thermometer closely.

How can I make sure the reading is accurate?

To measure the temperature of your baby with a thermometer, you need to follow the instructions written on the product label or in the packet of the product. Moreover, before taking the temperature, make sure that you have removed or overcome the objects that impacts on temperature, such as wrapping your baby with a blanket or a lot of clothes, whether your baby drunk hot or cold foods etc.

So, if you follow the instructions properly, you are more likely to get an accurate result. But, you need to use a quality thermometer and therefore you should buy the best digital thermometer for babies.

Best rectal thermometer for babies

Let’s check some rectal thermometer, Here we listed 3 best digital rectal thermometer for babies and very much acceptable for babies.

Safety 1st Gentle Read Rectal Thermometer 

This thermometer is a nice temperature measurement kit for your baby. Its basic features are much more attractive which will make you buy it. One of its most mentionable features is, it is very cheap in price. Moreover, it is very easy to use and it will provide you with an accurate result in a short time (within 8 seconds). Along with that, it is easy to wash and clean and provides you more safety compared to other rectal thermometers. Its flexible tip and a wide base guard help to prevent excess insertion.

best rectal thermometer for babies

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Moreover, it is highly preferable by most of the parents because of its features and the pediatricians usually recommend it for babies of 3 months and younger. And surely it is a best rectal thermometer as well.

Besides these, it has a very little weight and you will get a replaceable and long-lasting battery.

Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer Tat-2000c Scanner

This thermometer is perfectly suitable for the babies of 3 months and older. Although, its use is not that much easy, but with a little practice will make you an expert. It provides more accurate results than ear thermometer and the accuracy of the reading is as like as rectal thermometer. Moreover, you and your entire family can also use it without any confusion and it is also used in hospitals.

rectal thermometer for baby

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You have to keep in mind that while using this thermometer, please skip a large change in temperature (wait for a while when you come from a very cold room to warm room) because this variation can hamper the thermometer to provide an accurate result. And surely it is a best rectal thermometer as well.

Besides these, you will get a replaceable and long lasting 9 volt battery with it.

Braun Ear rectal Thermometer

This thermometer is also a preferable thermometer by the parents because of its multi-purpose functions other than only using it in the ears. It can also be used as oral, rectal or armpit thermometer as well. Its exclusive pre-warmed tip ensures repeatable accuracy. Moreover, it has a vast utilization in hospitals, which makes it more important. Besides this, it gives a faster and accurate result within 2 seconds only.

rectal thermometer

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Besides these, it has a memory function that stores the previous readings. Moreover, there is a both audible and visual guidance system that ensures the correct positioning of the thermometer. You will get 2 AA size batteries with the product. And surely it is a best rectal thermometer as well.

This thermometer is a nice functioning tool and I think you will definitely like it.


I wish to say that, you need to buy an excellent working thermometer. Throughout the post I have tried to make you understand about the use, function and different types of thermometers for your baby. I have also suggested you to buy several particular brands of thermometer which will give you an accurate and a fast result. I believe that the article will be beneficial for you. Take a good care of your baby

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