Laundry Tips: How to wash baby clothes?

You must not allow your baby to wear dirty clothes. So, you need to wash your baby clothes properly. Along with that, you need to follow several procedures while washing your baby clothes. Moreover, it is important to make sure that you are providing your baby with clean clothes along with your baby’s other garment products that come in contact with your baby’s skin. So, today the write up includes all about how to wash baby clothes. Besides these, I will also try to include that what types of detergent you should use and how you will use them. In addition to that, I will also try to give you several tips on washing baby clothes.

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What can happen if you do not wash your baby’s cloth?

Baby’s skins are vulnerable to several infectious skin diseases such as rash in the skin or itching. Therefore, dirty or unwashed clothes can cause skin problem to your baby.

Besides these, you should also wash new clothes for your baby to remove dusts or unusual residues. Since your baby’s skin is much sensitive, when you buy a new cloth for your baby, you must wash it properly.


How to wash baby clothes in washing machines?

Washing baby clothes are not so difficult and therefore, you can wash your baby cloth on your own hand. But, if you are busy, then you can wash your baby’s clothes in your washing machine. Some parents might get confused whether they can wash baby cloth in a washing machine or not. But, there is no problem with washing baby clothes in a washing machine, because it does not do any harm to the baby clothes.

Moreover, you should avoid washing some special types of fabrics in your washing machine. For example, a cloth made from wool, may not be suitable for washing in your machines. So, it is better to read the garment’s label and wash it as instructed. Check the list of car seat bag for airplane and travel.

How to wash baby clothes?

  1. Prepare your baby’s cloth to wash and separate accordingly: All of your baby clothes should be washed before using. Put all the small clothing in a net bag while washing and drying. Moreover, read the garment’s label properly and follow the instructions properly. Baby cloths must be flame-resistant and therefore, you should avoid using bleach. Because, addition of bleach can damage the special flame-resistant fabric.
  1. Treating stains: Remove the stains as soon as possible and if you make late, it will get harder to wash them away. Before washing your baby’s clothes, make sure that you have removed the stains.

Your baby’s clothes can be stained by several things. I am going to discuss about the stains as well as how you can be able to wash those stains.

  • Stains by formula, breast milk, vomiting, etc.: Add products that contain enzymes in cold water and soak the stains. If it does not work, you can go for all-purpose stain remover.
  • Stains of urine: Urine contains urea that puts stains on cloths. A two step process is required to remove stains caused by urine. For this, first make a solution by mixing a tablespoon of ammonia in a cup of water. Then wash the clothes with stain remover and wash normally.
  • Stains by baby oil: Although it is a bit tough to wash baby-oil stains, you can wash it by using pre-stain remover and wash it in warm water if it allows in the garment’s label of the cloth.
  • Stains by fruits and vegetables: There are usually three systems to remove these types of stains. The first one is, soak the cloth in cool water. The second one is wash it in a 1:1 mixture of alcohol and water and the third one is, use a pre-stain remover and then wash normally.
  1. Washing baby cloth diapers: You should wash the cloth diapers separately from other clothing. Moreover, you must keep them away from other clothing before washing as well. Besides these, you need to wash the diapers for every 2 to 3 days interval. Initially, do a pre-wash or rinse the diapers in cold water overnight and avoid using detergents with dyes or perfumes. Moreover, you also should avoid fabric softeners, because they can create irritation. After that, wash them in hot water.

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Baby cloth washing detergents

To wash your baby’s clothes, you need a suitable detergent. All the detergents available in the market are not suitable for baby’s cloth washing, because they may contain any harsh chemicals that can cause skin problems to your baby. Therefore, you need to choose the right type of detergent.

Now, I will try to give you some tips about baby cloth washing detergent which includes what type of detergent you should use and how to use them.

  • Avoid harsh chemical containing detergents: The type of detergent you use to remove the dark stain from your cloth, definitely contain some harsh chemical. Although, these types of detergent do not have any harmful impact on your skin, but washing your baby’s cloth with these detergents may cause irritation to your baby.
  • It is also important to make sure whether the detergent is safe for your baby or not. Therefore, you need to buy the mild detergent. Some brands are specially made for washing baby’s cloth and you can try them. According to the experts, it is better to use liquid detergent as it dissolves quickly in the water.
  • You also should avoid fabric softener since they also may contain rough chemicals.
  • Besides these, you can use regular detergent to wash your baby clothes if your baby is not very sensitive or allergic to them. But, you have to make sure that whether the detergent contains any harsh chemical or not.
  • Before using regular detergent frequently, first you wash just one or two cloths of your baby and observe carefully whether it has any unusual impact on your baby’s skin. If you do not find any abnormalities, then it is alright.
  • Some parents usually prefer to use non-biological detergents to wash their baby’s cloth. Biological detergents contain chemicals or enzymes that are used to remove stains. But, some parents think that, these chemicals and enzymes are harsh and can create problems with their baby’s skin. Although, there are not any significant evidences of this phenomenon, you may use non-biological detergents if you are much concerned with the safety issues. Moreover, you may use a mild fabric softener which may be helpful for your baby’s cloth not to become itchy.

Note: You also can check the USA washing symbols to ensure the safety.

What temperature to wash baby clothes?

You can set the temperature of your washing machine between 30-40 degrees Celsius. Washing at a reduced temperature will also help you to save your money.

What you should avoid while washing your baby’s clothes?

  1. Avoid direct washing of clothes: Before you start washing, remove the stains and it will help you to clean it properly and quickly.
  1. Avoid over-loading your washing machine: You should not over-fill your washing machine, because it will resist the movement of water and the cloths will not be cleaned. Moreover, over-loading the washing machine will also make it exhausted and reduce it’s regular functioning capacity.
  1. Avoid using excess detergent: You need to use a particular amount of detergent for a particular number of clothes. Because, using much detergent can make the fabrics fade as well as thin.
  1. Avoid mixing baby clothes with very dirty items: You need to maintain this, because this practice can make your baby’s cloth dirty.
  1. Avoid using very hot or warm water: You should avoid washing your baby’s cloth in very hot water, because a high temperature makes the stains set on the cloth. So, to remove stains you can follow the process which I talked earlier.

Some other facts to remember

I have suggested you to use cold water while washing your baby’s clothes. This practice not only effectively cleans the stains the cloths, but also prevents infectious microorganisms.

Since, it is a common that babies usually pee on their cloth, you should sure to keep your baby’s cloth dry. Because, if the cloths remain wet for a long time, it will create a suitable condition for the development of bacterial infection.

Moreover, while washing baby clothes, you can use antiseptic solutions along with detergents to prevent your baby’s skin from bacterial infections.

Besides these, if your baby develops symptoms that include redness or dry patches on skin (especially on the face and knee or elbow bends), it seems your baby has an eczema. On that case, you should consult with pediatricians to prescribe a treatment and skin care formula for your baby. Moreover, babies with eczema can be sensitive to so some components that are present in lotions, soaps or even detergents.

To conclude, I wish to say that, you must make sure that your baby is wearing clean clothes. Throughout the post, I tried to provide you with several guidelines to wash your baby’s clothes and some facts of baby cloth washing detergents as well. I hope you will get some ideas and I believe these will be helpful for you.

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