Fisher Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker Review in 2022

If you are looking for a nice walker for your adorable one, the Fisher price learn with me zebra is a great choice to buy. Your little champ will get two ways of playing with; either he/she can sit and play with the cheeky zebra, or grab on to the handle and go for some steps. However, I am going to provide you with fisher price learn with me zebra reviews, so that you can do a comparative analysis. So, let us move through the post.

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Features of fisher price learn with me zebra

The features of a walker important and it should fill your demand. This fisher price tool for baby is a nice walking aid and I hope your little one will like it a lot.


Yes, this product is an attraction grabber as it uses bright colors. Also, it is so cheerful looking and bright. Along with bright colors, it uses music and different textures so that your baby can develop senses. Moreover, these things will encourage your baby to take his/her first steps. Besides these, this walking aid includes buttons so that your baby can press on it, a rolling ball, pages of books, window to discover many characters behind and many more things. However, each of these things play important role on improving your baby’s motor skill.

Friendly zebra face:

Kids like funny animal faces and they like to interact with animals. Along with encouraging in taking your baby’s first steps, this zebra also helps to teach your 123s and ABCs. Moreover, this product does not come only with a funny zebra face, it also offers a lot of fun phrases and songs, which help your baby a lot to interact with and to take first steps. Also, it helps to get a better interaction as your baby can learn words and walking with fun and your baby will laugh while he/she plays with.

Easy to grip handle:

The handle is especially designed so that your baby can easily grab it with his/his tiny fingers.

Sturdy Wheels:

This tool features four sturdy wheels so that you can stay without worry. The wheels are made of plastic and they are firmly attached with the base, offers a smooth walk.

Enough back space:

This tool provides enough space at the back, so that your baby can waddle and walk without touching toes.

Easy to store and travel with:

The weight of a tool is important because you might have to travel with it. If you go for a family tour and stay there for several days, you might have to take your baby’s walker along with you. However, the weight of the product is light enough so that you can carry it with ease. Besides these, the storage is also easy.

Surface is smooth:

Since the surface of the tool is smooth, it is very easy to clean it. Also, dust gets hardly stuck in it.

Set up is a fun:

It is very easy to get it ready for your little one. Also, it requires a little effort and time to set it up. In the manual, there are easy instructions to follow.

Besides these, the construction of the tool is strong and sturdy. Also, it has been made up with high quality materials which are safe for your child.

Moreover, it comes with a lot of fun toys which will keep your baby engaged with.

If someone searching as for the nice walkig tool is! Definitely, Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra has some unique features that every parent would be provided to their little child.

Other specifications of fisher price learn with me zebra walker


It is very light and weighs only 2.2 pounds.


2AA size batteries are required to power up the funny toys.

The manufacturers recommended age: 6 months infants to 4 years old children.


  • Attractive and nice looking.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Comes with an attractive playset.
  • Light in weight.
  • Easy to store and travel with.
  • A nice gift to your little one.
  • Works well on carpeted floor.
  • Compact in design and occupies a little space.
  • Easy of assembling the product.


  • The face cannot be taken off.
  • The quality of the painting is not that much good.
  • Wheels are without any resistance and they move so fast on hardwood floors.
  • The music sometimes gets annoying.

Consumers position about the product

Actually, it is a matter of perspective. Sometimes, a good product unfortunately turns to a bad one because of shipping hazard and some customers receive the product in a bad condition unfortunately.

However, the overall reviews of customers are quite satisfactory as this fisher price learn with me zebra has 4.5 star rating.

Although, there are several shortcomings of the product, the lacking are not that much hazardous.


Q: Do the wheels have resistance on hardwood floors?

A: No, this is a drawback of the product as the wheels do not have resistance on that particular type of floor. But, you can slightly modify the wheels to overcome this problem.

Q: Do the wheels lock?

A: No, the wheels do not have any locking mechanism.

Q: Is it a suitable gift to 1 year old child?

A: Yes, completely.

Q: Does it have adjustable height?

A: The manufacturer did not make it clear. But, the height is quite perfect for tall babies.

Q: Does it work well on carpet?

A: Yes, it is a nice tool for carpet and it works well on carpet, tile and wooden floors.

Q: Does it meet all the safety standards?

A: This matter is not clear as well. But, consumer position about the safety is positive.


The overall quality of the fisher price learn with me zebra is good and I hope it will meet your demand if you are looking for a quality tool for your baby. Also, the price of the product is low and you can easily afford it. Moreover, buying this tool will be a great deal of your money. Besides these, as it comes with every little things which all babies like a lot, your baby will be so happy to see this. However, I believe the post will be helpful to make your choice.

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