Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer latest Update 2022

Along with teaching walking, your baby needs to learn jumping as it strengthens his/her muscle. However, this Combi All-in-One mobile entertainer is not only an entertainer, but it will also aid your baby to walk, jump and explore the atmosphere. This Combi car walker is a classic car themed walker comes up with a lot of entertaining stuffs and it will provide your baby with a lot of fun all day long. Besides these, it includes car dashboard, steering wheel and side mirrors and your baby girl can go for an imitative drive wherever she wants.

combi _all_in_one _mobile_entertainer

However, the car has a nice pink color, so it is attractive to your little girl.

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Combi all in One mobile entertainer  features

  1. Offers three position height adjustment

With an adjustable height is more popular as it reduces the expenses. Your little one will not be at the same height and weight as he/she grows up. So, the Product should have this feature as it can cope up with the growth of your baby, so that you can adjust the height at a suitable position for your child. This Combi entertainer holds this useful features as its height can be adjusted into 3 different positions. Therefore, your child can start using it when he/she is only 4 months old and can continue for a long time   (just set the height). However, the height adjustment should be done carefully and you have to check the status of your baby’s feet and ground.

  1. Electronic tray for fun play

I have already said that there is dashboard fitted inside the car. Also, there is an electronic tray which offers sounds and lights. You know, both sounds and lights are sensory and they play important role in the development of babies. So, this feature will help to stimulate your baby. Besides these, this car themed product also includes mirrors and fun toys to keep your baby engaged with entertainment.

  1. Car hood

This also features a car hood which you can remove whenever you want. Also, this removable car hood can be converted into a big sized snack tray and a toy tray as well. Also, it provides a large space where your baby can take foods or play with favorite toys. Besides these, the cleaning up of the tray is also very easy and you should keep it clean always to maintain the hygiene.

  1. Brake pads are skid resistant:

Usually, infants and toddlers have mimic behavior and they will try to follow their parents wherever they move. According to the review of this Combi car entertainer, it has 4 wheels that are fitted at the lower frame, so that your baby can move 360 degree along with the product throughout your house. Besides these, babies try to run along with a walker, but don’t worry because, this product has anti-skid brake pads and these will protect your baby from toppling over.

  1. Comfortable seat

The seat of the baby entertainer must be comfortable and it is one of the important feature that should be contained by a walking aid. However, this unit has a full padded seat that will give both comfort and support to your baby. Besides these, you can wash the seat easily as it machine washable.

However, for the proper maintenance, following the manual is important.

  • The assembly of the product is very easy. You can assemble it within few minutes and a little effort is required.
  • The product is available in 2 attractive colors (white and pink).
  • Offers 3 position height adjustment and the adjustment is also easy.
  • The car hood is removable and it is large enough to use as a tray.
  • Your baby will get a lot of fun times by the electronic toy tray. The toy tray is battery powered and 2 AA batteries are required to turn them working.
  • Comprised with anti-skid brake pads, will provide your child with greater safety.
  • The weight of the product is light enough (weighs only 17 pounds), easy to carry while travelling with.
  • Strong enough to carry around 30 pounds.
  • Melodious music.
  • It feature swivel wheels and all 4 wheels swivel. So, it allows a 360 degree rotation and your baby can walk smoothly around your house.
  • Looks like a beautiful baby sports car.
  • The price is reasonable. You are likely to get a good product at a cheap price, great deal of your money!


  • Has been made up with plastic frame. Some argued with the durability and the strength of the plastic material.
  • Although the unit has a lockable jumper feature, it hardly bounces.
  • The storage of the unit is a bit difficult, because it is not foldable.
  • Cannot be raised up so tall, good for short babies.
  • Wheels are small in size. Although they are alright on carpeted surface, but not the best one.
  • Lack of instruction to assemble.


Q: Does it have locking mechanism on the wheels?

A: No, the wheels do not have this feature.

Q: Does it work on carpet?

A: Yes, it works on carpeted surfaces.

Q: Does the jumper function well?

A: Hardly, it does not bounce like the traditional bouncer.

Q: What about the seat?

A: The seat is padded, removable and washable.

Q: What materials are used?

A: The item is made of plastic and polyester.


The unit can be considered as good by analyzing the reviews. This product is a nice one and it can be a wonderful gift for your little one. I have already said that, safety should be the major point of concern and this product meets the safety standards, so you do not have to think twice before buying this. Besides these, the unit has an attractive outlook and many entertaining stuffs, your baby will like it a lot. Also, do not think about the price, it is affordable and you will get the desired output of your expense.

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