Chicco Dance baby walker review for carpet in 2018


Check Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center price & More

Many parents loves Baby walker as an entertainer that has some playing conditions or some learning methods.

If you looking for those features comes with a baby walker then you are in the right place, Chicco Dance baby walker is the another best baby walker  you are searching for & obviously this baby walker for carpet.

Important: In this post we are reviewing Chicco Dance walker, which is a reliable and good for carpet. For more top selling baby walkers for carpet you can visit this page. Here we listed few walkers which are also very popular in days.

As a learning baby, this walker very effective & the baby must be loved this baby walker. Truly, this types of walker for the parent who want to keep their baby busy on the walker for a long time, as if, they can go for a while freely. So read more about it including the all exciting features of this premium Baby walker.

Other best features

The baby walker very unique to look on with the several color combination, Three different colors are available now Happy orange, Sea Dreams & the last one is Waterlily. Hope the baby will loved the orange one to imagine in her/ his Lovely small world. But they all are a good looking & smooth shaped as well.

Check Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center price & More

The musical entertainer center just amazing from other musical baby walkers. The baby walkers has two setting for music volume, The walker plays a variety of music & songs, It has a small locking storage tray to plug in the mp3 player. Even it has some lighting functionality shining with the music. In addition,  the whole entertainer process keep them on the Walker being bored.

The Chicco Dance baby walker safety mechanisms or the breaks on the walker function extremely good, the front two wheels are swivel. The baby walker for carpet.

Due to this feature, The baby walker roll on carpet. Many parents want their walker must rolling on the carpet. But Chicco Dance baby walker wheels are larger sized so problem to running on carpet. But best performance on flat carpet, not pile (do not use the bumpers on the bottom).

To get more flexibility the walker has 3 level height setting adjustment capability, It helps the shorter babies to make adjusted with it.

Another helpful feature is that the walker folds down to the flat to maximize room space. The seat can easily removable & it’s washable.

Chicco Dance baby walker is one of the popular baby walker now in the USA market as much as on Amazon. So, it’s proved that how much the baby walker reliable is, and the baby walker surely the best one for your baby if you searching for an Extra features as like as the Chicco Dance baby walker.

The walker description

The walker initial weight is 15.4 pounds.

This baby walker Shipping Weight is 15 pounds

Product Dimensions 32 x 25.8 x 32 inches

The origin of the walker is in China

To live the music 2 AA batteries required

Battery life 6 hours

The walker can use with the children up to 26.5 lbs

The walker rated 4.3 out of 5 stars

This item can be shipped within U.S.A only

Advantage of this Baby Walker

Mentioned earlier, this item roll on carpet easily as the best baby walker rated for it, but best on firmer carpet, than on shaggier carpet.

The walker can adjust with the very shorter baby.

Music & lighting system with two level music setting to keep them busy on in it.

Three height adjustments setting

The four wheels are larger in sized so the walker move around smoothly

Independent movement including 360-degree direction.

The walker folds flat for easy storage & travel

The walker has bumper guards on the corners so it can protect wall surfaces

Cons of this walker

The walker seat cushion is a little bit stiff so must need to wash it in cold water.

Amazon customer reviews

Chicco Dance baby walker is one of the best baby walker you have ever seen as a musical entertainer. The playing environment favored by many babies & the structure & the design also attract them as well.

The walker has got 66% positive remark from all of the customer who purchased the walker. They prefer this walker for multiple reasons, first of all, it’s the all in one walker comes with the entertainer. It has some variations which is very useful for the parent to keep their baby busy on the walker.

Check Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center price & More

Few customers reviewed that the walker good on carpet who has taken it for their carpeting floor & suggested other to not use the bumpers on the bottom when they riding it on carpeting floor.

18% of purchaser rated it 4 starts their opinion was the walker not bad at all.

Few customers rated it 1 star, and they have some disappointment with this baby walker. They reviewed that the walker not very adjusted with their baby like height & electronics activity.

Finally, we just say every good things has a bad side so it’s not possible to achieved the all things but the mandatory is to find out the best one for us which has the ability to fulfill our certain demands.

By the way, Chicco Dance baby walker is a branded wonderful and sturdy baby walker & you can keep trust on it.

Over to you

Chicco Dance baby walker is going to be a good one for your baby. This walker highly recommended by the parent for the new parent. Surely you are going to buy the best baby walker for your baby & best baby walker for carpeting floor.

So, What next?

Go for this baby walker if you feel that the baby walker perfect for you. No doubt, you are surely going to love the charming face of your little baby. Read the full description & the customers review, what they said about this reliable baby walker. This walker is available on amazon. 

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