Chicco Dance walker Review with Pros & Cons 2022

You always want your baby to stay happy and your little is so precious for you. Among various toys and gifts, the Chicco dance walker can be one of the best gifts for your child.

Chico dance walker activity center from Chicco comes with an attached musical tray which will entertain your baby a lot. In addition to the happy moments, this Chicco dance walker activity center features a built-in safety lock facility which will ensure the safety of your child while he/she is moving riding on the walker.

However, now let me to provide a brief about the background of the Chicco walker.

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The background of Chicco Dance walker

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This brand is one of the largest and popular baby brands in the Europe. Also, this brand has been running around for 50 years with glory and over these years, they are continuously showing their excellence. Moreover, the Chicco is a successful brand and it is now available around in 120 countries or more across 6 continents. Besides these, the establisher of the brand had a wish to develop baby care items that are required from as soon as the pregnancy started and up to the preschool of the baby.

However, research is a must to develop a brand or company. The company holds top research facility where researchers and scientists generate ideas for the development of the product. In addition to that, they are completely devoted to provide technology which will give joy and happiness to the children’s toy.

Besides these, among other top selling and popular baby products, the Chicco dance walker activity center is one of the most preferable product available in the market.

What made it walker so popular?

Provided with light, music and sound:

You know light, music, sound these are sensory items. These will attract your baby’s attention and help you to keep your baby engaged. Also, music is an effective and a great way to make your children learn. However, this product will not only provide your children with entertainment. It will also cheer up your baby to learn.

MP3 Tunes:

These MP3 tunes are so effective on inspiring your baby to move. Start the tunes and you will see that your baby will be moving with dancing his/her body. So, this is a very important factor to encourage movement.

Provide superior safety:

The walker is provided with a strong safety features and it is completely safe as a walker. This Chicco dance walker has 6 brake pads, therefore this feature will stop it if it goes over a step. Moreover, there are bumper guards to protect your children from getting hurt by side walls.

Besides these, the walker is strong enough to carry and go with your child and it has been made up with safe and good quality material. So, you need not to be worried about the safety of the item, because it is fully safe for your child.

Adjustable height settings:

This walker features three adjustable height settings. Adjustable height settings is an important point to be considered before buying a infant walker, because as your baby grows up, he/she requires more high position for walking smoothly. However, this useful feature of this product will help your children even when he/she is growing taller. So, it is a great deal of your money as you can use it for a long period of time.

Comfortable seat:

The comfort of the seat is a very important factor, because if the seat is not comfortable enough, your child will not want to walk riding on it. However, this walker has a padded seat which is enough comfortable for your child.

Removable seat:

The seat of the walker is removable and suitable for machine-washing. So, it will reduce your effort in washing the seat.

Easy to travel with:

When you go for a travel, you might have to take the walker with you. To travel, you definitely need a walker which is compact and foldable. Anyway, do not get worried, because this walker is compact in design and can be folded as flat. Therefore, it is very easy to store and travel with it.

Besides these, the fun musical tray is removable and it can also be used as a single play item for your baby and this product can be quickly converted from a walker to a stationary activity center. Also, this walker features a hook-up for the mp3 player, therefore the electronics remain safe and out of reach from your child.


  • You can see a strong desire to walk in 12 to 18 months children. However, this walker is a nice helper for your child to walk with.
  • Entertaining mp3 tunes inspire babies to move with rhythm.
  • Features effective breaking facility to stop it in an emergency.
  • Buying this walker is a great way to save your money as it comes with adjustable height settings.
  • The walker is easy to store and carry while travelling.
  • The maintenance is also easy, because the seat is removable and machine-washable.


Basically, there is no shortcoming of this walker. But, parent should keep an eye on while their child is walking with the walker and they should help until their children get adjusted with it.

Other specifications

The weight of the walker is only 10 pounds and it can carry a maximum weight of around 26.5 pounds and the minimum recommended weight 6 pounds. However, the stationary activity items are powered by 2 AA batteries.


Chicco Dance walker is not only walker, it can also be a good friend of your child and you baby will love it a lot. Your baby will spent a lot of time with this walker and when your baby will be acquainted with it, he/she will get a lot of fun and entertainment. However, I will suggest you to do some research before buying a walker, compare the features among several brands and I hope you will find this Chicco walker as the best.

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