Best Piano for kids reviews and most popular in 2022

Check the top Brands of Kids Dirt BikesImagine your kid is putting his/her finger on the piano keyboard and gives a sudden smile as it sounds. This will be looking so pleasant for you, right? Yes, I am talking about piano, which is a musical instrument. The piano sound is so soothing for me and I think everybody like it. There are different types of piano available for the people of different ages. But, choosing the right one is not that much easy. So, today my post is basically on the best piano for kids. Also, I will try to cover about the choosing facts of the piano, how to play it, different types of piano and several other important aspects.

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Recommended: Check the top Brands of Kids Dirt Bikes.

# 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano
# Number of Pedals: 3
# coustic piano
# AWM stereo sampling
# Controller App for iOS
# Dual Mode lets you combine two Voices together
# Supporting both iOS and Android
# 3 piano pedals
# professional stereo sound
# 88 weighted keys
# classic wooden body
# 30 keys
# Recommended for ages: 1-5 years
# 44 mini-sized keys
# 5 percussion pads
# LCD display
# 61 key keyboard piano
# 100 keyboard sounds
# 100 rhythms
# 50 demo songs
# LCD screen
# Record and playback functionality
# 61 keys
# Stereo outputs
# Headphone jack
# 61 Keys
# light-weighted keys
# 128 accompaniment rhythms
# Tones: 200
# Available in: 49, 54 and 61 keys
# 8 demo songs, 100 sound effects and 100 rhythms
# LCD display
# Support Both iOS and Android
# Two Inbuilt stereo speakers
# 61 keyboard
# MIDI output and recording
# Free APP- Named "The One"
# Classic Grand Piano
# includes 30 hand-tuned key


Best piano for kids reviews

1. Yamaha YDP103R Arius Series Digital Console Piano with Bench, Dark Rosewood

Color: The piano is covered with a nice color. The color of this piano is dark Rosewood. The color of the product will be much more attractive to your kids.

Weight: This piano is not that much weight to handle. It has also a suitable weight for the shipping purpose. The weight of the piano is 115.7 pounds and the shipping weight of the product is 116.4 pounds. So, you need not get worried about the weight.

Dimension: The size of the product is also very suitable for keeping it in your home. It will not cover a large area of your home and you can keep it in the corner or a side of your room. This piano is 56.2 inches in length, 22.2 inches in height and 17 inches in width.

Special features:

GHS action: This piano is a suitable one for your kids as its Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action is heavier in the low keys and a bit lighter in the right keys. This feature is just like the acoustic piano and it will provide you with a great experience.

The Design of the keys: The matte black key tops are specially designed so that they can absorb the extra moisture. If your child continues playing with it for a long time, then no problem is there also because, the keys remain tactile without becoming slippery.

AWM stereo: Advanced Wave Memory Stereo will offer you a great listening experience as you can feel it as a natural instrument.

Well controlled system: The controller application for iOs devices adds an enriched graphical user interface which will allow to navigate and configure it easily.

Dual mode action: Its mentionable dual mode action will allow you to combine two voices together and thus you will get a wonderful playing experience.

Price: The price of the product is also attractive and much affordable. It will cost around $730 to purchase this wonderful piano

Lastly, this is an amazing product and the features of the product are much attractive. Moreover, you will get a nice bench with the product so that you can play the piano sitting on that bench.

2. The ONE Smart Piano 88-Key Home Digital Piano Grand Graded Action Upright Piano – Matte Black

This is a great piano and it is especially designed for the beginners and it looks amazing.

Color: The piano has a wonderful matte black color which looks great and attractive.

Weight: Weight of the item is around 117 pounds and it will not that much hard to handle it.

Dimension: This piano has also a suitable size so that it can easily accommodate at your room. It is 54 inches in length, 34 inches in height and 18 inches in width.

Price: You can purchase it at an affordable price. It will cost you around $1,199 to buy it that means you are getting 20% discount if you buy it right now.

Special features:

3 Ways to Learn with Free App: It will offer you with 3 ways of learning as it provided free apps with it. These include, free video lessons, sheet music and games through free iOS and Android Apps

Guided by LED Lights: You will be guided by LED lights, and it will make the playing much easier as you can easily follow the notes. Moreover, it is the first and only Apple MFi certificated interactive piano.

Thousands of high quality songs: With this product, you are going to get 2000+ free sheet music in addition to most popular piano video tutorials embedded. Moreover, new contents are added every week.

High Grade Piano: This piano is consists of 88 weighted keys, professional stereo sound, 3 piano pedals and classic wooden body. These features have made it so desirable for the beginners. But, you will get a bench with this product and therefore you need to buy it.

Because of its wonderful features, it is much more famous in teachers and musicians. So, it will be a great choice to offer this product to your kids.

3. Children Wood Toy Grand Piano with Bench Kids Piano 30 Key-(Black)

This is a nice piano which is especially suitable for your kids.

Color: The piano is a nice and attractive black colored.

Weight: The weight of the piano is only 24 pounds and therefore you can easily handle it if want to move it from one side to another side of your room. Also, the shipping weight of the product is 21.5 pounds only.

Dimension: The size of the piano is also suitable to place it in your room. It is 23.8 inches in length, 22.7 inches in height and 9.2 inches in width.

Price: A good news for you that, you can buy this product at a very affordable price. It will only require $69.99 to buy this nice piano for your kid.

Special Features:

CHILDREN’S GRAND PIANO: This miniature grand piano is consists of 30 keys and constructed with a glossy, hardwood body. This feature makes it attractive to the children.

ADORABLE DESIGN: This piano is an elegant and a small-scale toy piano. The design is so adorable that your kid will definitely like it at his/her room or playing area.

MATCHING STOOL & MUSIC HOLDER: This product set is complete with a matching, hardwood stool and music note holder

EARLY INTEREST IN MUSIC: As I said this piano is specially designed for the children, so, boost your child’s interest in music while they play and have fun!

Recommended age: This piano is especially designed for the children of 1-5 years old.

I like to suggest you to buy this product for your kids learning as it is a nice piano and especially made for the children.

4. Casio SA76 44 mini Sized Keys 100 Tones

Color: This is an attractive and nice orange colored piano

Weight: The weight of the product is only 4 pounds so that you can easily carry it. The shipping weight of the product is also 4 pounds.

Dimension: The piano is 25.5 inches in length, 9.8 inches in width and only 3 inches in height.

Price: The price is affordable and it requires only $49 to purchase it.

Special Features:

The piano is consists of 44 mini-sized keys and 5 percussion pads. There you will get 100 sounds and 50 rhythm patterns as well. Moreover, the selection of tone is also so easy. The piano is also provided with an easy-to-read LCD display. But, the product does not contain any adapter and it can be operated with 6 AA batteries.

This piano is an ideal for the children who are about to start learning pianos. The sound quality of this piano is so amazing. The LCD will provide an easier selection of music as it is easy to read. The switching system of the piano also works efficiently that ensures a smooth transition between piano and organ mode. You will get 10 practice tunes which will help to develop skills on playing.

There are five drum pads and the drum pads offer the perfect introduction to the world of the digital drum kit. Five buttons, each with an individual drum or percussion sound making it easy to play along to the rhythm or create a solo with your fingers. Besides these, there are 10 rehearsal songs waiting to be practiced. So, you can purchase this nice piano.

5. RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard SuperKit with Stand, Stool, Headphones & Power Supply

Weight: The product has a suitable weight and it weighs about 19.8 pounds only.

Dimension: The keyboard is 35.4 inches in length, 9.8 inches in width and 5.9 inches in height which is a very suitable shape.

Price: The price of the product is also much affordable and it costs only $ 119.99 to buy it.

Special features:

A complete set for the lovers: This is a compact digital keyboard and consists of 61 full-size keys. Moreover, there is an LCD screen which will visualize the note. Record and playback functionality will help to store the music. Along with that, you will get 100 keyboard sounds, 100 rhythms, and 50 demo songs, which is great for practicing.

Accessories: This piano comes with a strong stand so that you can play it easily. Besides these, you will get a comfortable thick padded stool. Moreover, you will get a headphone so that you can practice it without disturbing others

The keyboard is adjustable so that you can easily move it throughout your home or outside or a concert.

This piano contains almost every single thing which a pianist looks for. It can be a nice gift to the musicians as well as the learners.

6. Hamzer 61 Key Portable Electronic Keyboard Piano with Stand, Stool, Headphones & Microphone

Weight: The piano has weighed about 23.9 pounds

Dimension: The size of the product is suitable to place it in your room. It is 35.5 inches in length, 17 inches in width and 10.5 inches in height.

Price: The price of the piano is also affordable

Special features:

FLAWLESS, AUTHENTIC RANGE OF SOUND: You will get built-in speakers which provide a magnificent sound quality. Besides these, stereo outputs and a headphone jack which can be used to listen through external speakers or with the included headphones.

INTEGRATED LEARNING SYSTEM: This product is specially designed for the beginners. Along with that, this multi-function keyboard consists of 61 standard-size keys and it provides a traditional acoustic user experience. The keyboard holds an advanced sound options and the LCD display make the controlling more easy. Besides these, you will get a detachable stand with the keyboard.

DELUXE EFFECTS & FEATURES: This is perfectly suited to master finger control. This piano is portable and it allows for play of the single-fingered and fingered auto-bass chords, with the ability to choose chord timbre, manipulate rhythm and use effects such as vibrato, sustain, & ensemble. However, additional features include rhythm sync and fill-in, tempo adjustment, accompanying volume, and a master volume control.

RECORD & PLAYBACK, with MICROPHONE & HEADPHONES: This keyboard is provided with recording and playback features so that you can record music and playback it. In addition, you will get a microphone and headphone. The headphone will allow you to listen without hampering the surrounding people.

EASY SET-UP with STAND and STOOL: This keyboard gets ready to use as soon as you unboxed it. It is powered by 6 AA batteries but they are not included with the product. Moreover, you can go for an extended use by powering it up with the provided 110-120 volt power adapter.  The keyboard stand is also suitable and adjustable in size.

7. Alesis Melody 61 Beginner Bundle | 61-Key Portable Keyboard with Stand, Bench, Headphones, and Microphone

Weight: This keyboard weighs only about 6.9 pounds

Dimension: The size of the product is 4.1 inches in height, 33.8 inches in length and 12.6 inches in width

Special features:

A complete set: The product is a complete set that consists of 61 compact and light-weighted keys with built-in speakers. Along with that, you will get 200 built-in sounds with layer and split modes along with 128 accompaniment rhythms

Recording capacity: It is provided with recording features and you can learn 10 featured songs in three instruction modes or you can record by yourself.

Besides these, you will get a headphone which will mute the speakers when you do not want to disturb other people rather practice privately.

In addition, you will get an adjustable and comfortable bench, Easy-to-assemble stand and microphone along with the product packaging.

8. RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard with Interactive LCD Screen & Includes Piano Maestro Teaching App with 30 Songs

This piano is perfectly suitable for children and adult as well.

Weight: The keyboard weighs about only 8.3 pounds and therefore it is easy to carry the keyboard comfortably.

Dimension: The keyboard is 33.5 inches in length, 13 inches in width and 4.7 inches in height.

Special features:

The keyboard consists of 54 full size-keys which gives the keyboard player a traditional acoustic user experience.

The keyboard is compact, light in weight so that it is easily portable.

The keyboard is provided with recording features and playback functionality. Along with that, you will get 8 demo songs, various teaching modes, 100 special keyboard sound effects which you can manipulate and 100 of rhythms

The Interactive LCD screen is too helpful for the beginners as it shows the correct keys and notes.

This is a nice keyboard, especially for the learners. Its size and weight are too suitable where these features make it more preferable to the beginners.

9. The ONE Light Keyboard 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano Electronic MIDI Keyboard – Onyx Black

This product has been designed in such a way that makes it so enjoyable for the learners. So, I should suggest you to buy this musical instrument to introduce a keyboard to your kid.

Weight: The keyboard weighs only 11 pounds, so it is easily portable.

Dimension: The product has also constructed in a suitable size. It is 36 inches in length, 13 inches in width and only 4 inches in height.

The keyboard is built with 61 light-up keys. The light-up keys provide assistance for the beginners as they can easily find the notes to play. Moreover, you can learn from various modes along with light-up sheet music, integrated video lessons, piano games, and crash course. Occasional musicians can enjoy similar fun by choosing from thousands of free sheet music to play.

Besides these, the instrument is powered by 6 AA batteries. Along with 6 AA batteries, you will also get a power adapter with the packaging. Therefore, you can take it anywhere with you as you want.

10. Casio Inc. CTK2400 PPK 61-Key Premium Portable Keyboard Package with Samson HP30 Headphones, Stand and Power Supply (Currently Unavailable)

Weight: The product weighs about 20.8 pounds and it is not that much heavy to carry.

Dimension: The keyboard has a suitable size to play. It is 44 inches in length, 8 inches in height, and 21 inches in width.

Price: The price of the keyboard is also very reachable and it will cost only $129.95 to buy it.

Special features:

A complete set: The packaging of the keyboard contains almost a complete set. The packaging consists of a pair of Samson HP30 closed-cup headphones, an x-style stand, and power supply. The headphones are designed to be perfectly fitted at your ears. Moreover, the power supply will allow you for an extended use. In addition, the stand provided with the keyboard is strong and easily adjustable.

(Currently Unavailable Now)

Besides these, you will get a nice sampling function with built-in microphone, 400 AHL keyboard voices with voice percussion features as well as an advanced sampling effect.

As the price is much affordable and the product contains several mentionable features, you can buy the keyboard offer it to your kids.

11. Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Classic Grand Piano With 30 Keys, Color-Coded Songbook, and Non-Tip Bench

This keyboard is specially designed for your kids. They are perfectly suitable in size and weight so that your kid can easily play it. I believe that, your kid will like it most.

Weight: The keyboard is only 18 pounds in weight

Dimension: The keyboard is 23inches in length, 23.5 inches in height and 9.8 inches in width.

Recommended age: This keyboard is basically suitable for the kids of 4 years and above.


Material: This keyboard is composed of wood, plastic and metal which are suitable for the children.

Keys: It is consists of 30 hand-tuned keys which ensure a perfect introduction of music to your child.

Safety: The keyboard is safe for the children, since the opening and closing is safety-hinged controlled. But, it is required to assemble the keyboard by the parents.

Besides these, the instrument is packaged with easy to play songbook and color coded key charts.

What is a piano?

The piano is basically an acoustic and stringed musical instrument and it was invented in around 1700 in Italy. It is usually played by using a keyboard. I think this information will be enough, so let us move on the next.

Best Piano for Kids

Choosing a suitable piano for kids is not an easy task at all. The pianos are usually different in sizes, shapes, range of keys, electric or acoustic and so on. I mean they are as diverse that I have to use the word “so on”. To buy the best piano for kids, you need to follow some patterns. In addition, you also have to maintain a staircase of the quality and type of piano to offer it to your kids. As the list of piano is so diverse and different, I have decided to narrow it down to provide you a list of the best piano for kids. I have tried to arrange the write up from keyboard pianos to digital and eventually acoustic.

Whether you have learned several other musical instruments, I think the piano was most delightful to you. Also, the sound of the piano is not only pleasing, but also the learning of piano establishes the foundation of learning of other musical instruments. This is the reason why you should make your children learn piano.

Things to consider before buying a piano for your kids

As I said earlier that, buying a piano for kids is a little bit tricky, so you should follow a guideline while buying it. Besides these, some questions also may arise in your mind while you are going to buy a piano. Therefore, my effort is to meet up your queries and provide you with a simple and complete guideline to buy a piano for kids.

Which piano is best for standard 1 grade kids?

When your kids reach to that level, they develop the finger span to perform any type of musical instrument, precisely the piano. Along with that, there is not that much difference if a kid starts learning at his/her 3-4 then if begins at 7 years. Because, by the time they move to 8 and they will be the same form of play. The piano to offer your kid should be chosen by their standard and capacity of performing. I should suggest that, the keyboard piano is usually more preferable if they are uncertain about their capacity of playing or self motivated to learn. Moreover, this will help to save a lot of hours, space and energy.

Best weighted keys facts

There are several basic dissimilarities between the keys of the piano and each of the keys can provide a distinctive user experience. To play the piano, you have to put some force on the keys and the force is similar in fully weighted keys and acoustic piano. On the contrary, some other pianos might not necessarily have developed the same weight in the design. In addition to that, a fully-weighted key is touch-sensitive and this phenomenon gets reflected by the sounds it produces, where the sounds will be a little less loud as the force of finger pressure is decreased.

On the other hand, electric keyboards or piano is exactly opposite and they do not show that much touch sensitivity. Therefore, because of this criteria, they are not as diverse as the touch sensitive keyboards or piano. However, some manufacturers do and there is a developing trend in design and production procedure to improve the pianos with the touch sensitive feature as there is capacity for easier transition to the acoustic style play.

An emerging digital hammer on technology has turned out much similar to the acoustic that it is quite tough to express the dissimilarities or differences in play. Moreover, there is a bit difference among brands and each has a unique performing experience from each edge of the keyboard.

How much should you expend on buying your kids first piano?

The spending will definitely according to your budget and there is surely an individual choice. But, there is a general guideline to buy. So, I should suggest you that, you should make a choice considering the time spent and the expense of the musical instrument. Basically, the best suited piano for kids is not that much expensive and most of the cases they meet up your budget. But, the kids usually do not like to play the best suited piano for them and they will not express to offer it to them, rather they might express their desire to get the grand piano. Although, a keyboard piano is a better option and it is safe for playing with your kid, your kid might not feel interest playing keyboard or piano and can say he/she no longer wishes to play it.

Should you buy a full size piano for your kid

Although it is also a personal decision, but there is an age limit for playing this piano. Mostly, kids with 8 years and above are capable of playing a full size piano, but the kids under 8 are not perfectly suitable for playing it.

Learning the piano sometime may not become comfortable for the children. So, it is important to make them easy to play the piano. Also, the toddlers are suitable for playing 25-35 key pianos and they will not feel pressure rather the will enjoy the sound of the instrument.

Do the toy pianos help with their development as a potential future piano performer?

The toy pianos are the best option to offer your kids for the learning purpose. Moreover, it helps to practice and getting fun as well. It is also important to motivate your kids to practice more. As the advancement they achieve by practicing, they can move to the larger pianos with a higher number of keys and sounds. Along with that, the kids may break or spoil the instrument. As it is a toy piano, you do not need to get that much worried.

There is also a contradictory scenario, where teachers usually find some kids are feeling the pressure, but others are not, although they started at the same time. Therefore, they suggest getting them involved in a lot of practice to make it enjoying at a toddler age and develop the practice in a more advanced way as they grow up.

What is the correct amount of keys for a toddler to learn with?

It is also important to determine the correct amount of keys on a piano for a toddler. So, you need to consider this fact while buying. Usually, the suitable amount of keys depends on the finger span and the arm length of the kids and therefore, a grand piano is too large for a toddler to perform. If the number of key ranges between 20-30 keys, then it is much suitable for the toddlers. Therefore, I suggest you to buy the piano with that number of keys and I hope they will enjoy the practice and learning.

Should young children get private lesson?

You may get worried about thinking the suitable time for getting your kids private lessons and you also may concern whether your children hold the ability to learn with. To meet up this, I will say, developing skill or holding skill is an important issue when your kid is much younger that he/she cannot take the pressure of playing. To play a piano smoothly, it is required to construct an eye-hand combination. Therefore, it may become difficult to develop the combination by the kids who are too young. So, it is better to wait until they become at least 8 years old for a private lesson. Moreover, teachers basically make your children play a single note repeatedly, so it requires patience and you should go for a private lesson for your kid when he/she reaches to 8 to get some patience and playing ability.

Besides these, as I said learning piano builds up the foundation of learning other musical instruments, ensure that whether your kid reaches to the suitable time to begin and sequentially let them to practice and learn. Moreover, there are several lessons which emphasize less on learning piano distinctively, but focus on some other activities that motivate and get them to sing, dance and start to construct the basics.

What is the right age for the kids to learn and practice piano?

Studying is not everything. You should get your kids involved in some other activities for the development of brain, mentality and so on. I think learning piano as a musical instrument is a very good idea for the children’s development. You can determine the right age of playing piano when you realize that your kid is ready or not. But, you also need to ensure that, it should not be difficult, rather it should be easy and enjoyable for your children.

Basically, most kids who are under 5 or 6 years of age usually do not like to follow the strict routine provided by their parents or their tutor. Many researches have shown that, if the children are allowed to explore themselves, it has an enormous impact on their development and allow them to find their interest. Otherwise, creating pressure from a young age, rather make them exhausted and do not allow them to express themselves.

If your kid is 5 years old and you think that your child is ready to begin learning a piano, then buy a piano for him/her. Also, if you can realize that your kid is finding interest on playing and does not get pressured, then you can go for a private tutor for him and your children may develop a fascination in this segment.

There are some distinct sign for realizing if your kid is about to begin the piano if your child found interest playing the 25-35 key pianos of the toddlers and carrying on to find eagerness. So, I think this is the perfect time to purchase a more developed or larger keyboard or piano.

There are several major facts to decide the suitable age to start with piano playing. The basic factors include:

  1. Arm length of your kids: The size of your kids hand and if he/she can put each of the fingers on the five white keys, it can be sometimes really struggling for some kids but it is important for the advancement.
  1. Finger movement capacity: It is also an important fact how frequently or easily your kid can move the fingers. Having the capacity of moving the fingers upward or downward and to the left or right is ideal for playing a piano.
  1. Interest and concentration: Holding up the concentration while playing and carry on with interest is an important factor to develop skills on playing a piano.
  1. Choose the way of learning: The learning process should be ear based or book. Whatever the process is, they should be able to begin with. But, generally most of the children under 5 or 6 should be ear based to begin with the learning and he/she can move on to the book reading later on.
  1. Ensure the every possible opportunity: You need to make sure that you are giving every possible opportunity according to the desire of your children to learn with a piano if he/she shows that much interest.

Things to consider while choosing piano for kids

Generally, there are three main types of piano available. Also, each of the types provides a bit distinctive user experience, feeling and sound. In grand ceremonies or in grand halls, grand pianos are the types which are usually played and the grand piano provides the best sound quality so far.

To attract your child, a piano should meet some features such as it should be colorful, have some stickers and most importantly, it should be specially designed for your child. Mostly, the kids under 4 years need that type of piano, which will not become difficult and exhausting for them while playing with them.

On the other hand, there are some larger and full sized piano may become too wide for your kid’s fingers and playing them is difficult and it is not enjoyable for your kids. So, ensure a smaller sized piano for your kids so that he/she can restore interest on playing a piano.

Besides these, these types of piano, which are specially designed for the toddlers are quite small in size and built with less number of keys. So, this can be a better technique to offer a kid to play piano. But, make sure that you are not putting pressure on your kid as you desired.

The piano and how it functions

Children’s piano is distinctively made and they are much different from the classical or grand piano. Now I will show you some facts about how a piano works.

Grand piano: The grand piano has two concurrent activities going on under the lid. The string is usually conjugated with the drum sounding percussion to produce the sound overall. Finally, they create harmony altogether in a unique way.

In addition, the piano is a mechanical association and combination of functions to generate sound. However, the quality and type of sound can be manipulated by the pianists by their pedal work as well as finger pressure. On the other hand, in most of the kid piano, this unique mechanical combination is not present in the design.

How to get your child practicing a piano?

You know that children get encouragement if they get admiration for their work they done or doing even. So, please make sure that you are paying enough attention to your child’s practice and praise him/her while playing. Also, this is an effective way to encourage them this develops as interest and further desire to play it better.

You also can set destination for them to get and provide them with rewards when they reach to the previously set goal. I should say, this practice will definitely make the learning more exciting and enjoyable. But, keep in mind, do not set the goal too high and do not cross the limit of the gift and admiration.

You can manage some free times and sit with them while playing. You can praise them, or give them some feedback after completing a single note. This is important to give a sense of the achievement of their work. I believe that, this will make the piano playing more significant, they will get encouragement and confidence. Besides these, if you are too busy as it is not possible to manage time, then you can look for a professional tutor who will teach your children. I think this will be a better idea as your children will get the chance to learn in a more precise and formal way by the teacher.

You should consider one important thing which is the favorite song, that your children like most. This practice works well as they can find it more enjoyable and interesting to play the piano with their favorite song. But, make sure that, you are not putting any pressure, because putting pressure can bring some unusual consequences rather than your desire.

Which piano do I buy, acoustic, digital or electronic?

As I said there are mainly three types of pianos and all are different in size, shape, weight, sound and performance. But, these changes do not differ that much in user experience. Moreover, some criteria can meet up some parent’s requirements while others might not. So, it is important to choose the right piano for kids. For instance, if you buy a grand piano for your 4 or 5 years old kid, it will just create a problem or you might have to use it just as a show piece, or you have to wait more several years so that your kid can grow up and get the proper age for playing a grand piano. So, before buying a large one, I like to suggest you to check and double check every possible problem that may occur.

Now I am going to explain you the three main types of piano:

  1. Acoustic piano: The sound produced by the acoustic pianos gets generated from the real strings. The acoustic piano is the traditional piano and they provide a pleasing user experience where the digital and electric have a bit less soothing. One thing to consider that, they are usually more expensive compared to the other types and it can be very expensive if you buy a grand acoustic piano. Other than that, this piano is the most desired one for the piano lovers and it is the best type of piano to begin with learning. As it is not an electronic device, it can be plugged into any device to manipulate sounds by using computer software. Moreover, the sounds of the acoustic piano can be so loud that the people can become exhausted if the playing continues for several hours in a room. The most important thing to consider is that, the lasting of this piano. An acoustic piano usually lasts for about 30-50 years if it properly maintained and serviced every year. The price of an acoustic piano is high and you have to pay about $5000 to $10,000 buy one.
  1. Digital pianos: It is another type of piano and it can be an ideal one for children for learning. The fact is that, this type of piano is much suitable and ideal type for certain children wishing to learn how to play without making any noise so that surrounding people do not get bothered. Moreover, the digital piano is specially designed to offer a smooth sound, feel and imitative the acoustic piano, but the advantage of this piano is, it is not such heavy like the acoustic one. Also, this is perfectly suitable for families as it requires just a little space and it does not cover the whole room at all. You can just keep it in the corner of the room. The weighted keys offer the similar feel like an acoustic are they are touch resistant to control the sound range. An important advantage of these types of pianos which I definitely should mention is that, they are usually less costly as well as the maintenance and storage is also too easy. In addition, the price is much more affordable and a nice digital piano took around $1500 to $3000. So, this can be considered as a better choice for the parents who are really looking for helping their child to develop the inner potential and interest as a pianist. Other than that, these types of pianos do not usually last for a long time as the acoustic does, and they basically last for around 3-8 years.
  1. Electric/ Keyboard piano: One of the most mentionable features of these types of piano is they are very cheap in price. So, this can be an ideal and a cheapest way to introduce learning piano for kids. Also, it is easy to play and your child can plug it with headphones and the various playing options is so nice. The price is also much affordable like the digital pianos and it ranges from $75 to some more. So, it is a good news for the parents who are about to introduce piano to their children.

Now a day, there are tons of apps associated with keyboards which include, recording music, helping to keep a record of sound, visual display that shows the ups and down of the tones, a lot of chords along with sound control. These special features make this type a unique one compared to the digital piano or the electric keyboard. However, a benefit is having a keyboard with weighted keys, especially if the grand piano is the final destination. On the other hand, you are required to check before purchasing one, because most of the keyboards do not have the standard that I have mentioned.

Besides these, the plugging is in the earphones or headphones are perfectly suitable for keeping things calm and not to bother the people of the surroundings by unwanted listening. On the contrary, there is no bench for this and you should keep in mind this feature before buying it. However, the elbow and wrist of the piano player should be in line with the floor for assisting a good learning practice.

Finally, I wish to say that, piano is a nice musical instrument for your kids. It will allow your child to develop mentally as the soothing sound helps to get calm surroundings. With a good learning, your kid can develop and motivated to become a pianist in the future. From several types of piano, I tried to make you understand which one will be suitable for your child and why. Through the post, I have tried to make you familiar with some brands of pianos where I include some special features of those pianos. So, I believe, by reading the reviews, you will get some help to purchase a perfectly suitable piano for kids.

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