Best Iron Supplement for pregnancy reviewed in 2022

Anemia is a common problem in around 20% women during their pregnancy. Also, low level of iron in the blood is the most common form of anemia. However, iron is an essential element that carries oxygen around your body and to your baby as well. So, I have tried to develop this post as a guideline to provide you with important information about Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) and how it affects during your pregnancy. However, the write up will help you to choose the best iron supplement for pregnancy and how you should use the best iron supplement during pregnancy.

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iron supplement for pregnancy

Why you may need an iron supplementation?

You will need an iron supplement if you have been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia during your pregnancy. Taking iron supplements during pregnancy will improve your iron levels and it will also make you to feel healthier as well as prepare your body to give birth of your child. Since there are a lot of iron supplement for pregnancy available, you may get confused for buying the best suited for you. So, you are more likely to make your choice for buying the best iron supplement for anemia with the help of this post.

Is it safe to take iron supplements when pregnant?

Iron supplementation in pregnancy sometimes gets more priority during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your body absorbs iron with more efficiency, but you might not receive sufficient iron from your daily diet. Besides these, pregnancy begins in many women who have not enough iron and they are usually unable to meet up the demand of iron exclusively by their diet.

How much is usually required?

Your doctor may recommend you to take an iron supplement with 30 mg of iron at your first prenatal visit, and it should be adequate unless you develop or have anemia. Also, your doctor may suggest you to take an iron supplement for anemia in case of anemia. So, taking additional iron supplements is not necessary if your doctor does not suggest.

Best time to take iron tablets during pregnancy 

Usually it is better to take iron supplements with water when your stomach is empty. So, try it when you wake up in the morning or you are about to get sleep. Moreover, you have to follow a particular diet to get the best result of iron supplements.

Now I will try to discuss about anemia in brief to make you understand better.

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What is anemia?

Anemia refers to the lack of Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) in your blood which carry oxygen. Anemia is a common during pregnancy. However, the most common cause of anemia during pregnancy is the reduced level of iron. Also, there are several other forms of anemia such as vitamin B12 deficiency anemia or sickle cell anemia.

Cause of anemia during pregnancy

Diet is a common cause of anemia. There are some women who suffer from morning sickness or a bad heartburn during pregnancy, and this phenomenon results in reduced food intake. However, anemia can come for a short span during 32 weeks of your pregnancy as you have to make a lot more blood for preparing yourself for giving birth.

Women who are at the risk of anemia

Women who are more likely to develop anemia in pregnancy are those with:

  • Decreased food intake
  • Irregular or heavy menstruation
  • Consecutive pregnancies
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Following only a vegetarian diet

Doctors usually suggest eating well during pregnancy. However, following an iron-rich diet is precisely important if you are at the risk of developing or already developed an anemia.

Common symptoms of anemia

The symptoms of anemia include pallor, dizziness, lightheadedness, exhaustion, breathlessness, palpitations and hair loss. However, some of these symptoms may just be a consequence of pregnancy hormones. So, you should consult with your doctor if you face these symptoms and do what the doctor says.

Diagnosis for anemia

The diagnosis of anemia is not so difficult. However, a simple blood test can identify whether you develop anemia or not.

Can it be dangerous in pregnancy?

Usually women feel a lot discomfort when they are anemic. In case of severe anemia, it is a matter of concern if there is a huge loss of blood during the delivery. So, giving birth in a hospital will be a wise decision to get emergency aids.

Advantages of taking iron supplements during pregnancy

Taking iron supplements sometimes get more importance if you are anemic. There are several advantages to go for an iron supplementation in pregnancy and they are as follows:

Improved health: Taking an iron supplement will increase the level of iron in your body and it will help to get rid of the effects of anemia.  However, the changes you can feel include smooth breath, no dizziness etc.

No exhaustion: Although feeling exhausted is a common in pregnancy, but anemia makes this problem a lot worse. However, you will definitely notice a development in your energy levels as soon as you start to take iron supplements. Also, you body will receive more oxygen and you will get more energy to work better.

Prevention of infection: Decreased level of iron can make you more vulnerable to get an infection. There are several common infections such as Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) may attack during pregnancy and it may become worse if you are anemic. However, infections can be dangerous and they may bring a lot of complications during pregnancy. So, taking an iron supplement will help you to stay safe from these infections.

Getting well soon: If you are anemic, you are more vulnerable to lose a huge amount of blood during your delivery. However, it will also make you to suffer after your delivery as well. So, taking an iron supplement will help you to get rid of this problem.

Better growth of your baby: Severe anemia in pregnancy prevents your baby from getting sufficient oxygen. Also, the normal development of your baby will be interrupted if your baby does not get enough oxygen. So, taking an iron supplement during pregnancy will ensure the proper supply of oxygen to your baby for the development. Our detailed post on Iron supplement for babies.

Improved breast milk supply: Anemia may result in low breast milk supply as breast milk production depends on blood supply. So, iron supplements are necessary to provide sufficient amount of breast milk to your baby if you are anemic.

Types of iron supplements

Usually there are 4 common types of iron supplement available, they are as follows:

  1. Capsules are the most common types that are available in the market. Although they can be a little bit harsh on the stomach, but they are the most powerful type of iron supplement. Also, you will have to check whether they contain binders or ingredients that are suitable for your diet.
  2. Liquid types are the most suitable option for the women who feel problem swallowing tablet forms. The liquid is very strong and you can add some juice or water before consuming it. Also, the liquid forms are suitable for most diets and they can be easily absorbed by your stomach. However, they levels of iron are generally lower in liquid types.
  3. Chewable are also great types and lie in between liquid and tablets or capsules. If your doctor suggests you to take a strong dose, but you do not like to consume tablets, then these types are a great option for you. Although they usually have a chalky or metallic taste, they are more stomach friendly then the capsule forms.
  4. Soft gels are not commonly available like the other forms of supplements. However, they are easier to swallow and have mild effect on your stomach. However, they may contain ingredients which are not suitable for a vegetarian diet, so it is better to check the ingredients.

Iron supplements side effects

Although constipation is a common problem in pregnant women, iron supplements can also increase this problem such as it can upset your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. So, you can drink prune juice to get rid of constipation.

Also, you may face nausea or diarrhea. If it brings much discomfort, that you can take iron supplements with some snacks before you sleep.

Moreover, taking liquid iron supplement can make black shades in your teeth.

However, keep in mind that, if you find your stools a bit darker than regular when you start taking iron supplements, do not get worried, it is normal.

If don’t want to take iron supplements then you can eat iron rich foods in regular basis. Here the list of iron rich foods.

Best iron supplement for pregnancy  and Anemia

1. Nature’s Plus – Chewable Iron with Vitamin C and Herbs, 90 tablets

Iron supplement for anemia

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These are chewable type and contain ferrous Fumarate. This Natures plus chewable iron tablets are perfectly suitable for you if you feel discomfort to swallow capsules or iron pills.

Also, the taste of this product is really nice unlike the regular ones, so it is easy to take every day.

Also, the size of the tablet is so suitable and it supplies a 27mg of iron by each serving. Moreover, this is the first supplement which has been fortified with vitamin C.

So, you need not to take some extra vitamin C to help better absorption.

2. Solgar – Gentle Iron, 25 MG, 180 Vegetable Capsules

solgar gentle iron supplement

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These are capsule type and contain ferrous bi-glycinate. The solar gentle iron is one of the best rated supplements for the pregnant women.

These supplements are usually highly recommended by the doctors in pregnant women with stomach problems. Also, they do not cause any constipation as it contains ferrous bi-glycinate.

Besides these, the dose is 25mg per serving, but it is as effective as 50mg of iron sulphate. Also, the supplement is wheat, gluten and dairy free, so it is perfectly suitable for the vegetarians.

Moreover, the product is also free from sugar, starch, yeast, salt, corn, soy, preservatives or artificial colors.

3. Ferro-Sequels 65 Mg 100 Caplets

cheap iron supplement

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These are capsule form and contain ferrous fumarate. Also, the dose is 65 mg. This ferro-sequels high potency iron supplement is the best choice if you are severely anemic and you need a high dose of iron.

Moreover, these capsules are very efficient to quickly increase the levels of iron in your body. Besides these, this product also contains vitamin C to help your stomach to absorb more effectively.

However, the product has designed with a slow release formula that helps to maximize the absorption. In addition to that, this supplement also helps to reduce the side effects of taking iron supplements such as nausea or diarrhea.

4. Salus-Haus Floradix Iron Plus Herbs, 23 Fluid Ounce

salus haus floradix iron plus

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This is a liquid iron supplement and precisely, it is a herbal one. It contains fruits juice such as pears, black currant, orange, cherry, red beet etc. Also, it contains water, natural flavor and ascorbic acid as an anti oxidant.

Moreover, it has a special mixture of four adaptogenic herbs (American Ginseng, Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, and Schisandra berry).

Moreover, this product helps to get temporary relief from fatigue and weakness. Although there is a problem with the taste, it will give you a lot of energy. However, to prevent contamination, avoid drinking it directly from the bottle.

5. Garden of Life Iron Complex –  Vegan, 30 Capsules

garden of life iron supplement

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These are available in capsule form and they contain non-heme iron. The iron pills contain 22 mg of iron per serving and they also contain folate, vitamin C and vitamin B12 to ensure better absorption.

Also, this supplement will provide you with a digestive support as it contains a blend of probiotics and enzymes. Moreover, the supplements do not contain any sweeteners, artificial colors or flavors and they will provide you with a lot of energy.

Besides these, this product will also support your blood and heart health, immune system, reproductive health, eye health and physical and mental health as well.

6. Enzymatic Therapy – Ultimate Iron, 90 Softgels

enzymatic therapy ultimate iron supplement

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These are natural probiotics supplements for the pregnant women and they are 15 times stronger than the capsules. Also, the tablets are lactose free and gluten free and they are perfectly suitable for the vegetarians.

Moreover, they are stomach friendly and they can be easily absorbed. Besides these, the tablets have an extended shelf-life, so you need not to refrigerate them.

However, this can play a vital role during your pregnancy to prevent constipation and it contains kiwifruit powder that helps probiotics colonize.

7. Floravital Iron & Herbs Yeast Free Flora Inc 17 oz Liquid

floravital iron supplement

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This is a liquid iron supplement and rich in iron and B vitamins. The supplement can be easily absorbed and it is friendly to your stomach. Also, it is non-constipating. Moreover, it has a special mixture of four adaptogenic herbs (American Ginseng, Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, and Schisandra berry).

Besides these, this product is yeast and gluten free and it is a suitable one for the vegetarians. However, the product is free from artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors, and it has been made from all natural ingredients.

Over to you

Finally I like to say that, you should take iron supplements if your doctor suggests, because it is so crucial for you and your upcoming baby. I have tried to provide you with information about it and hopefully you will be able to get the best rated product.

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