Best Dinosaur Toys Review 2018

best dinosaur

For the young ages the toy dinosaur very much popular to them. The historical jurassic world & it’s history of dinosaurs attract us even in year. We know kids love dinosaurs & want to know more about this historic animals. As for better relationship with the history every parents should brings this toys for their little ages.

Parents are often consider many gifts for their kids or babies and here we recommended those parents to give some dinosaur with it. There are many trusted brand all over in the world especially in USA who produce better quality and natural design toys for the kinds. Before reading the dinosaur toy reviews, check out the list of names of the toy below..

Best dinosaur toys…..

  • Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Zoomer Dino, Jurassic world
  • Kids Imaginative, Small
  • The Good – 6 Piece
  • Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex
  • Neat-Oh! ZipBin 160 Collector
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex , Toy
  • Jet Creations Inflatable Brachiosaurus
  • Disney The Good – Arlo Exclusive
  • WowWee Roboraptor X – Robot

Here the Popular dinosaur toys

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aSchleich Tyrannosaurus Rex
bZoomer Dino, Jurassic world
cKids Imaginative Dinosaurs Small
dThe Good Dinosaur 6 Piece
eMelissa & Doug Giant T-Rex
fNeat-Oh! ZipBin 160
Dinosaur Collector
gTyrannosaurus Rex Toy
hJet Creations Inflatable
Brachiosaurus Dinosaur
iDisney The Good Dinosaur
Arlo Exclusive
jWowWee Roboraptor X - Robot

1. Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex

Since 1995 the popular brand Schleich producing remarkable baby toys and especially dinosaur toys as well. Schleich Dinosaur figurines has incredible dinosaur collection that kids can get the full fun from the toy.


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These kind of toys by Schleich are hand painted & the art look the toy historical movement on the ground. Surely one of the best toy rugged prehistoric animals for your little guys. As a parent you can provide as a playing tool or as a room display that the baby can feelings as prehistoric worlds as well.

  • Easy to use
  • Manufactured in China
  • Manufacturer recommended age 36 months – 15 years
  • Hand painted
  • Historically accurate
  • Has movable lower jaw

2. Zoomer Dino, Jurassic world  (Jurassic World)

The creature implemented according to the jurassic world movie. On this list the toy one of the most popular and advanced playing tool.  Zoomer dino control  by remote & it can be one of the best choice for your little baby boy or girl.


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The color combination also very attractable & give the toy historic movement as well. It has many rich features that controlled over by the remote and it can hunt, patrol & explore it surroundings and it also detect hand movements as well. The price of this toy little bit higher but for your 5 or higher older babies it can be a historical toy for playing.

  • Recommended age 5 – 10 years
  • 3 AAA batteries required
  • Unleash the stealthy
  • Real sounds from the Jurassic World movie
  • Color changing eyes etc.

3. 12-Piece Kids Imaginative, Small

12 piece set colorful sets comes with activity book as well as printable dino flash cards. For extra safety the set made of BPA-free with lead-free plastic also includes a T-Rex, a spinosaur, a stegosaur, a triceratops, a euolocephalus, an apatosaur, a brachiosaur, a pachycephalosaur and famous velociraptor etc.


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The size of all the toys start from 5 inches as long as  7 inches. The price of this set also very affordable and portable also.

4. The Good , 6 Piece Play Set by Disney

Another 6-piece playing set, already got 4 and half remarks out of 5 in reviews of customer. The toys are up to 5 inches long & recommended age of the toy minimum age of 3 plus or more. Surely, the parents can provide the set for making a historical environment.


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So, let’s play the kids the character of arlo, Thunderclap the pterodactyl, Butch the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Bubbha the velociraptor, Forrest Woodbrush the styracosaurus and Spot the human caveboy friend of Arlo. 

5. Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex Dinosaur

The dinosaur Made of Soft polyester fabric & The real T-Rex colorized beautifully with the bright greenish-blue hue. The toy height over 27 inches tall & the length of the animal above 32 inches from tip to nose. For the kids who has above 4 years of age can enjoy lot more fun and real experience as well.


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The price of the toy is affordable & any one can brings it for their little baby boy or girl and that’s why it’s proposed the best toy as well. In different customers reviewed positive feedback & over 96% customer satisfied provided for their baby. So, from the list it can be your best choice as well.

6. Neat-Oh! ZipBin 160, Collector

Another sets of toy comes with one organizer box for storage & the other thing about this set is the play mat, which is dinosaur-themed & very much color combined for playing. Your baby can get the test play at the Jurassic part & the most attracting thing the storage can be easily unfolded to become a Jurassic play met.


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When the kid stop playing just zip the the play mat into a box & the box storage ability up to 100 collection. By providing this neat-oh! ZipBin 160 Dinosaur collector toy box and play set you can give your kid complete adventure with animals, actions figures, boats, nature & vehicles as well.

  • Dramatic exterior theme identifies the contents
  • Recommended ages between 36 months – 8 years olds
  • Play mat becomes the storage bin in a zip
  • Includes 2 creature
  • Price is very cheap
  •  Made of safety materials
  • Easy storage and portable

7. Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy

Another piece of  playing tool with length of 12 inches from tail to nose & the height of this above 5 inches. For your baby boy or girl that can be one best choice & surely love to display in their small lovely room. Tyrannosaurus Rex toy individually hand painted and out comes and shape of this toy really superb.


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For affordable buying the price of this playing tool very cheaper & the toy provider propose a 100% money back with satisfaction Guarantee as well. 

This ultra-realistic creature also got 4 & half ratings from the customer in market also proposed the best dinosaur toys as well.

  • Each Piece Individually Hand Painted
  • Has Movable Lower Jaw For Multiple Positions
  • Price is very cheaper
  • Large Trex Figure At 5 Inches High And 12 Inches Long
  • Ideal For Both Trex Collectors & Kids
  • A 100% Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee

8. Jet Creations Inflatable Brachiosaurus Dinosaur

First of all we just mention the thing this dinosaur got the best seller in Scientific Gifts category in market. Surely it’s different from other toys in market and the color combination different from other. For the parent who searching for the most height or extra large in market this toy can be a best figure for them.


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The toy fully hand-painted with green & black. Green & black stripes made the toy such as natural creatures. Height of this big animal over 48 inches as must be a real experience with a dinosaur when the parents brings it for their little kids.

  • High Quality
  • Proprietary design
  • Featuring 4 color printing process
  • Exceptional performance
  • Price is very cheaper
  • Extra large who search for something like that
  • Natural color combination

9. Disney The Good Dinosaur Arlo Exclusive

This toy mainly the replica of the famous Disney pixar film 2015. Manufacturer recommend ago of over 4 years old for having the adventures of arlo, the toy comes with multiple color combination green on the whole body and circle over the green.


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Very nice eyes with polka-dotted nose give the creature natural look. For the crazy babies this toy can be a excellent companion in the play time.

  • Price is very low
  • Customer reviewed positive
  • 19 1/2 inches tall
  • Durable

10. WowWee Roboraptor X – Robot 

This robotic comes with some rich features and it can be fully control over by remote. Manufacturer minimum recommended age is 8 & the kids can also controlled by Android device.


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This figure comes in 3 different models like cautions, playful & the other one is hunter.

  • 32” long, white and gray robot dinosaur
  • Wild personality with three distinct moods
  • Visual sonic guard mode, Autonomous roaming mode and two Remote Control options
  • Roboremote IR dongle enables control (smartphone/tablet not included)
  • Batteries required: 6 “AA” & 3 “AAA”
  • Price little bit higher


Varieties of toys with different sizes available for the kids but when you making your decision you have to consider few things that make the playing environment for safer. The materials of the toys are wooden, plastic and more and most of the toys hand painted and secure.

Most of the parents purchase toys for their kids like age 3 to 13, when it for age like 3 or 4 the parents should much watchful that they purchase the toy according the manufacturer recommended age. But the age 6-12 it would be a great gifts in between those ages!

How We Chose the Top Dinosaur Toys – Buying guides

Purchasing the best dinosaur toys is not very easy for every parents. There are many techniques and many simple steps that you can follow to buying your kids dinosaurs. Everyone aware about the popular species like T-Rex, Cretaceous and the other categories of Jurassic and we also have to look other giant creatures named Brachiosaur, The brontosaur, The triceratops and the Pterodactyl etc. Surely these are the top toys but we have to analysis the toys that they designed for the ages.

Another important thing that should considerable, the reputation of the toy makers and are they trusted brand for kids. When we visiting different market places you have to look closely at what other people saying about the existing toy and we also read the reviews of other verified customer and the average ratings. Some market place has questions and answers interface for the existing toy/product. The customer can integrate on there and they can place and questions or ans or read other answers of the customers.

Dinosaur Capabilities to Keep in Mind

What type of toys/dinosaur you have to provide to your kids or little baby?

In the market there are lot of toys for different ages kids, Battery-operated, manual, small, large and extra small etc. The price of the toys depend on the capabilities and on the materials.

  • Battery-Operated. It’s cost 4-5 percent from the manual or normal dinosaur toys or gifts. This kind of toys for the older kids because it need to control and the little ages can’t operate around it. This type of toys has different features like it can act like moving, can run or can take an action. To enable the robotic machine it required batteries, few have required 2 and few more than 4.

Mentioned earlier, the price of this dinosaur online little bit higher than the normal toys. If you think that you want to provide more entertaining to your kids with that robotic playing machine then you can purchase without any hesitation.

  • Manual. Manual toys also entertaining & it comes with different color combination and most of the toys are hand painted & it’s proved that how much attentive the companies are to provide the best tools for the kids.

Numbers 1,2,3….9 are normal/manual toys and number 10 the remote control toy that you can love for your kids.

Bottom Line

Note: This review post for the parents who searching for best dinosaur toys for 3,4,5,6 years old kids or toddlers etc.

We know that the era of dinosaurs ware gone down many days before & the main things by bringing of the toys as a gift to inform or develop their optimum potential. The kids shows multiple TV shows & moves about dinosaurs but it’s not possible to Wandering with the kids to show the historical animals. So, the best and the obtainable method is keep them happy with some branded dinosaurs toys. In the list of toys that you have just shown up, surely the best toys in the market, & we collect the list depending on multiple actions that the kids need in this age.

Hope you enjoyed dinosaur toy reviews, Any problem about this review post, better you can contact with us or more reviews you need. thanks.

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