8 Best Bottle Warmer for Breastmilk, Top Breast Milk Heater in 2022

For your little baby a bottle warmer is a important tool, To heat milk or breast milk the tool is the essential electronics and make the job easier there are many brand in the market. If you do search you will find varieties of warmer including difference features and prices. Here in this best bottle warmer for breastmilk review post we will talk about most popular warmers on the market like The first years quick serve, better, read the reviews below and pick one that fulfill your certain demands. In this post we have listed bottle warmer for medela bottles for better interaction as well.

Normally, in the market place three types of bottle warmer available...

  • Countertop Bottle Warmers
  • Portable Bottle Warmers
  • Travel Bottle Warmers

Check Out These Best Bottle Warmer for Breastmilk or Breast milk heater

  • The First Years Quick Serve
  • Dr. Brown’s
  • Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle
  • Philips Avent
  • Munchkin High Speed , White
  • Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk
  • The First Years Night Cravings
  • Born Free Tru-Temp Warming System

Table of the good Bottle warmer

PicturePriceModelAvg Warming Temperature (°F)Avg Warming Time (Minutes)Bottle
(Fl Oz)
the-first-years-quick-serve-bottle-warmerThe first years quick serve1045.009
dr-browns-bottle-warmerDr. brown's technology 1664.508
tommee-tippee-travel-bottle-and-food-warmerTommee tippee travel machine 1325.009
philips-avent-bottle-warmer-fastPhilips avent, fast 703.009
munchkin-high-speed-bottle-warmer-whiteMunchkin high speed device
kiinde-kozii-bottle-warmer-and-breast-milk-warmerKiinde kozii and breast milk heater 1044.508

1. The First Years Quick Serve (Best Seller)

Editor Rating : 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

What do we think?

This is the most selling machine on the market, price is very lower including all necessary features as well. If you are finding a simple heater for warming breast milk for your little babies then its could be one of your best choice. This simple baby warmer made from Phthalate, PVC, Latex & BPA-free plastic construction.


The First Years Quick Serve Warmer weight only 1.4 pounds & very much easy to carry it and store any where are you want. Another rich feature is Auto shut-off & offers a nice-sized receptacle to accommodate multiple sizes of bottles. Surely this is one of the usable bottle warmer for breastmilk.

Pros: Mentioned earlier about the price, Yes for parents, the pricing of this warmer very much cheaper. It’s really very affordable and main core features is heating. The machine heats bottles under in under 5 minutes. The warmer ensure safety with auto shut-off feature, if you forgot to unplug the warmer any reason that time it wouldn’t be a major issue. This cheap warmer should be the universal bottle warmer for breast milk for you & you can take it easily. Known as a best breast milk bottle warmer.

Cons: Many of the purchaser of this warmer mentioned that it’s heating mechanism give too warm before the warmer timer shuts off. In the end analysis the whole pros and cons it the best selling warmer in the market.

2. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

Editor Rating : 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

What do we think?

The main think about this tool is it’s capability of fills up a lot of water. The warmer has the ability to save users preferred time because it has memory functions. The color and the design of this warmer really good looking and the color combination surely attract you. The warmer is user-friendly and it has LCD panel and has a sound alarm help you to aware about the machine when the heating is done.

Pros: First of all the price, surely accessible with multiple usable features. The warmer uses steam to keep bottles safe and heated it for long time. Another thing is it is a no-brainer to use just you can see the all mechanism means the buttons at the from of the machine. As like as the microwave the warmer has count down device included that aware you how much time is left. This warmer help you save times when you busy on the other end with the baby. Surely, one of the best baby bottles warmer.

Cons: One thing you have to remember about this, it’s little bit difficult to clean because the base of the machine is the main part of electronics.

3. Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle

Editor Rating : 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

What do we think?

This portable design is a non-electric that construction with stainless steel and plastic. It’s designed for stored the milk or water in the stainless steel thermal flask. This called travel bottle because it’s perfect when you travel with your babies to feed them warmed milk any where you want & it’s BPA-free. It’s one of the popular in the parents community.

Pros: When you are going for a long journey with your baby, this tool surely one of the best tool to warm the baby milk. It just makes your life easier when you are a mom. It’s proven that the machine or water retains the highest temperature you put in this thermal flask. Many moms use it at home and also at the night time. Known as a best breast milk bottle warmer.

Note: Moms can use this warmer with any of the electric bottle warmer as well. It’s must needed for the newborn babies.

Con: Some moms would want the set to be more compact as it can take some significant space in a normal bag.

4. Philips Avent Bottle Warmer

Editor Rating : 4.5/5

What do we think?

First, you have to look the design of this tool. It’s a oval shaped really attract you & not only the design but also has good quality of performances. This machine brings it market by a trusted brand called Philips Avent & this heating time only 3 minutes take maximum level. This popular device has a defrost setting, which is really good for those freezing breast milk as well. It reduce the heating time that means save your time & preserves nutrients in the breast milk as well. In the end you have to know that whole electric machine is compact and no problems occur letting it sit on the counter top.

Pros: Here every tool is very cheap and like every the Philips Avent also very affordable. This lightweight device very much effective for fast heating. The temperature setting functions even better & when it comes safety questions here the controller that has the temperature limit that very much ideal for heating breast milk. With your baby grows you can also use this warmer for heating other solid food as well. For any & fast heating you can picked this lovely one.

Cons: Before you can use the warmer there is a cooling time needed for the electric machine.

5. Munchkin High Speed, White

Editor Rating : 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

What do we think?

It’s maintain the fastest heating time with uses stream technology to heating up milk, breast milk or water. This super fast technology promise 90 seconds heating time which is unavailable features ever you seen before. It has many features that satisfied you in many ways. It has a measuring cup which help you to measure and accurate refilling as well. It has also a auto shut-off sensor to ease up the worries of busy moms. k.

Pros: First of all the main thing about this machine is fastest heating capability and surely it is the only one warmer that included this feature. The device uses steam technology which is very much necessary to heating up breastmilk that much of the milk nutrients are preserved. The materials of this tool very good that not required any tedious clean-up. You can put larger sized bottles as well. To control and use sensors operation really very easy to be done. Can use this best baby bottles warmer with out any hesitation.

Cons: The technology needs also a cooling time after the electronic first used or need interval to heating up the second bottle.

6. Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk and Bottle Warmer

Editor Rating : 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

What do we think?

Kiindle Kozii Breastmilk & warmer is a branded heating tool, very popular to the parents community. It’s made off plastic, have the capability accommodate different sizes of pot, even baby foods jar as well. You will be happy to hear about this device, yes this heating device complied with CDC & USDA safety standards for safer heating up for breastmilk. The machine also SafeHeatTM higher technology which preserved the breast milk nutrients as well.

Pros: You already aware about this warmer and it allows different sizes with different materials of bottles heating up. You can heat breastmilk such as plastic bags or glass as well. This tool also included the auto shut-off features that allows safety. This warmer preserved the nutrients of the breast milk. So, it’s also another reliable heating tool for your lovely little baby.

Cons: It’s little bit expensive than other breast milk heater in market. And take much more time to heating up the milk or water.

7. The First Years Night Cravings

Editor Rating : 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

What do we think?

This double machine baby bottle warmer has an interesting design & very much smart than any other double featured device because the warmer has a well adopted cooler as well. The interesting & very usable feature is, the cooler can removable & you can accommodate 2 bottles in a row. Many parents choose this type of heater because they got many help to keeps breastmilk cool with out freezing it. Surely it is the 2 in 1 activity machine and it accommodate different sizes of bottle as well. The first years night cravings can usable as sterilize pacifiers.

Pros: First of all parents love it because it is the 2 in 1 activity. Heating milk or water quickly you can pick this and when it comes parents this machine very effective for them. parents can ready the milk all time all over the night just setting up their room no need to go for use the family freeze.

Cons: Some parents reviewed in different communities that it’s little bit hard to measure how water is needed to heat up the bottles.

8. Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warming System

Editor Rating : 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

What do we think?

In the market it’s another popular machine. For the smart parents the warmer has different rich features. It’s support quick heating capability. By using this warmer small 5-ounce with full of milk take 3 minutes to heated up & extra larger bottles need maximum 6 minutes. This machine is square-shaped & the controller system much more well adopted with recent parents needs & the warmer can calculate the full warming time and its depend of the bottle size.

Pros: You can placed this warmer on the top of the list. The heating time calculator give you extra safety when it comes over heating and under heating. The design also very smart and keep your breast milk safe with accurate heating. When you put milk the machine doesn’t need pre-measuring that the amount measured by it self before. Known as a best breast milk bottle warmer.

Cons: It has no Audio alarm, so you have to focus on the timer and off the switch.

Buying Guide

Caring of your babies sometimes may seem exhausting. Also, it may require a lot of time and it will be a problem to you if you are a job holder. So, all we do, we usually buy an electric device just to make our task more easy. A breast milk bottle warmer or heater is a nice electric device that will minimize your effort. So, today my post is basically on why you need a breast milk bottle warmer. Along with that, I will also provide you with some technical aspects to consider before buying a fastest bottle warmer.

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Why you should buy a bottle warmer?

Sometimes you may need to freeze breast milk. On that case, you have to make it warm before feeding your baby. So, you can heat up that milk by soaking in warm water. But, this process will take a long time and you cannot control the temperature also. Besides these, important nutrients can be destroyed also. On the other hand, if you have a breast milk bottle warmer, it will offer you with these useful aspects:

· Time: While manual warming may takes much time, warming with a bottle warmer will reduce the time. It will take around 2-3 minutes to heat up the milk by a bottle warmer.

· Nutrients of breast milk will remain intact: This is an important issue. Because, if you heat up the milk in warm water, you cannot easily control the temperature and overheating poses negative impacts on the nutrients of breast milk.

· Minimize your task: Along with more time, manual warming also takes much effort. On the other hand, warming the breast milk in a bottle warmer will reduce your task as you need not to engage a lot of kitchen utensils.

Things to consider before buying a bottle warmer

There are some technical guidelines to consider before buying a medela bottle warmer. All bottle warmers available in the market do not have the same function and some useful criteria make one better than the others. So, I like to suggest you to follow the following guidelines before buying a bottle warmer.

1. Temperature control knob: All bottle warmers do not have precise temperature controlling function. Moreover, several models have fixed temperatures and some have adjustable temperature. So, you need to buy that one which has a nice adjustable temperature dials.

2. Easy operation: Try to buy one, which has a quick and easy operation. Because, a device that has critical operating system will not worthy of time.

3. Safety: Some types can make the milk warm too quickly as they have a fast speed. But, in that case, you need to handle it more carefully to avoid overheating.

4. Multi-tasking: Although it is a bit more expensive, but buying a bottle warmer with multi-tasking feature will offer you with food processing or food sterilizers along with breast milk warming.

Keep in mind

All babies do not like warm milk. So, you need to identify what your baby likes, warm or cold milk.

Please do not microwave the bottle of milk. Because, heating it up in a microwave will generate some boiling heat pockets which can cause a lot of damages.

You also need to maintain the hygiene of the bottle warmer. Because, molds can grow in some special types.

Final Verdict about Best breast milk bottle warmer

Here we listed these machines because they are the top in the market and most of the parents used these and surely sharing their lovely experiences. Now it’s your turn for which you want to go for. We recommended you all from the list but you have to read the reviews of all the warmers than take your decision which one can fulfill your certain demands.

These all are the Uni-sex warmer that means you can use them for your baby boy or girl. But, higher recommendation is for these both Tommee Tippee Travel. (Non-electrical & best for outdoor) & other is Philips Avent. They have many features, although the price little bit expensive but you can do many thing by using this warmer even for the breast milk as well. This post also for best bottle warmer for formula.

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