Baby Walker Buying Guide – Read how to make it easy.

Few days ago, I was received an email from sarah from USA, She ask me why there is no buying guide lines page on our Website, She added that, as a new mom or dad it’s much hard to find out the baby walkers that fulfill the certain demands, so, if the parent aware about the initial guidelines of buying a baby walker it will be very beneficial for them.

On our The Colourful Baby website we just searching for the reliable baby walkers that really good enough for the babies that they can best use of it.

As a parent , You have to accommodate with a baby walker that match with the major requirements of your baby.

There is no way to avoid it.

A walker made for thousands of baby girls or boys. In addition, we have to find out the best one for us, at  least the baby can use it smoothly in the walking time.  In addition, One walker you can use it for different purpose & can usable for long time.


The good news is, Many companies brings some walkers that technically implemented. You can control over it yourself to install different features to make it usable. In addition, One walker you can use it for different purpose & can usable for long time.

Before buying, make sure that you have chosen the right one that technically supportive.

Let’s make it more easy,


Consider it as a Baby walking Assistance

A baby walker for a better walking experience, when they need a support to wrapping up.

At first, consider it as a walker. It’s not mandatory how many features on it or not. You need this learn
walking to your baby.

The age of 6-12 months baby show a better urge of moving across the Floor. To keep fearless & motivate them to walk a baby walker must be needed instruments as well.


Is it thin & size

The Baby walkers weight relay on their size & the numbers of benefits of the user.

Different walkers have various features including playing instruments, feeding bowl Or walker controller etc.

It also vary on their metal like some are plastic, some are wooden, steel or other metal.

It’s also should be considered that the walker made by the metal which is Eco-friendly, Smoothy that no harms to your baby.

Therefore, find the walker that best for your baby by knowing the full description of the walker.


Is it foldable?

To keep the baby walker wherever you want & maximize the room space its foldable option must enable.

Two types of options like, one is Fold flat & the other is the arrangement of making the baby walker foldable.

When you go outside of your home for traveling or other it’s just favorable for safer transport & carrying.


The walker Pricing

One of the core factor of baby walker reliability & useability. In the marketplace, the price start from $30 to $120 or more.

You can buy middle-class walkers to $50-$60 including the all initial features. Even $30 for a plastic baby walker.


This is the point you shouldn’t take care. You should consider the overall subjects like how the baby use it, The importance of the baby walker to you.

Under $50 baby walker might not the durable enough for you little child. Better, If you go for around $80-$100. I think they are more durable & guaranteed of having better service.


It has any playing or learning options to take them busy?

Mentioned earlier post,  Usually, most of the walker has a built-in toy center to make it fully enjoyable.  As if we though as a baby walker we can missed up from the lot of benefits.

A baby walker can provide some parental support.


There many walkers has a musical library included learning poems, Songs with some musical lighting environment.

The baby walker full of functionality take you for a while when the little baby girl or boy  busy on the baby walker.

As a Mom or Dad, it’s Desirable choosing the best baby walker.


The baby walker roll on carpet?

It’s one of the thousand dollar questions most of the parent put it on the .

On the amazon we found many walkers that have very small wheels which is not suitable for carpeting floor. This types of walkers initially you couldn’t see the wheels properly because it is inserted deeply in the bottom bar.

On the other hands the wheels much bigger you can easily see them.

It’s your duty to read the amazon product reviews & question answer. Truly, Amazon maximum reviews are created by the verified purchaser who purchased the product.

We recommended you for checking our Baby walker for carpet page for latest walkers that easily roll on carpet.


The baby seat height can changeable.

This is the other major fact should be taken it carefully. When the parent analysis the seating usability then they must follow some rules.

Baby height is the continuous process.

Seat height changeability. It should be considered that the seat height can technically changeable. Many walkers have 3 steps setting height changeability. So, baby can put on it & walk nicely.

Another thing like is it easy removal & the seat is washable.

And lastly, Pay Attention in the padding of the seat which should be more comfortable when they seated  on it.


There has a breaker on the wheels to control the speed.

Baby safer riding on walker the speed breaker is the mandatory characteristics  of it. It gives the walker several speed upper or lower level according to your needs & wants.

For an Example, As the novice who just starting needn’t proper speed. on the other hand, baby who has 7-10 months need more speed.

Normally, there has a rubbed pad that located on the bottoms of the walker for control over the wheels.

In the end

If you are the new parent, we believe that this review comes to you as a dream to make the job nicely.


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