Baby shower Table centerpieces, popular & trending 2022

When you are about to arrange a baby shower program, it is important to think about the decoration of your house. Because, decorating your home with baby shower centerpieces will attract the attention of your guests. Although, there will be arrangements of foods on the center table, the focus of your guests will be on the centerpieces. So, it is very important to decorate the baby shower table centerpieces with care.

Centerpieces ideas for tables

Homemade baby shower decorations for tables are not only easy, but it will also minimize your cost. Keep in mind that, your baby shower arrangements for table should be covering the theme of the event. In addition, girl baby shower table decorations will be different from the baby shower table decoration for boy. However, flowers will make the centerpieces gorgeous, so you can use flowers for baby shower as well.

ProductPriceNameProduct DimensionsAverage Customer Ratings
6" Mini Blue Stitching Boy Baby Shower Centerpiece Decorations7.9 x 7 x 0.2 inches4.3/5.0
6" Mini Gender Reveal Centerpiece Decorations0.2 x 7.9 x 7 inches4.5/5.0
Creative Converting 317236 Centerpiece, 12" x 9"9 x 12 inches4.6/5.0
6" Mini Pink Elephant Girl Baby Shower Centerpiece Decorations0.2 x 7.9 x 7 inches4.3/5.0
Creative Converting 267058 Bubble Bath Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Honeycomb Centerpiece Party Supplies9.8 x 9.8 x 12 inches3.9/5.0
Andaz Press Baby Shower Framed Party Sign, Double-Sided 4x6-InchFRAME SIZE: 4-inch x 8.25-inch4.4/5.0
Set of 2 Navy Blue and Gold Painted Mason Jars7.4" tall and 3.5" wide 5.0/5.0
Beistle It's a Boy! Gleam 'N Burst Centerpiece, 15-Inch18.5 x 5.5 x 2.2 inches4.2/5.0

Popular Baby shower table centerpieces

1. 6″ Mini Blue Stitching Boy Baby Shower Centerpiece Decorations

This is a perfectly suitable centerpiece for decorating your table in a baby shower event. Also, the decoration is so nice and it looks so cute. The packaging includes 4 baby blue stitching mini honeycomb designs and all are 6 inches in height.

In addition, the decoration of the product features the text “baby shower” and with baby blanket inspired details. As the color of the product is blue, it is perfect for your boy baby shower. However, it is available with a cheap and affordable price, the quality of the product is so good and it is made up with cardboard.

2. 6″ Mini Gender Reveal Centerpiece Decorations

Decorating your baby shower program with this centerpiece is a great addition to your table and it is a nice baby shower décor ideas for tables. Also, this product is especially made for decorating the center table in a gender reveal or a gender neutral baby shower.

The packaging includes 4 small gender reveal or neutral gender centerpiece decoration. In addition, the height of the centerpiece is around 6 inches. The product is also attractive in color where it’s color is pastel pink and light blue halves. However, you can keep it on the center table, gift table or dessert table to provide your arrangement with a magnificent addition.

3. Creative Converting 317236 Centerpiece, 12″ x 9″

This little item is a nice and cute baby shower centerpiece for table. It is a nice little peanut elephant honeycomb table centerpiece, where it has made up with a 3D structure that makes a magnificent outlook. Moreover, the product is 9 inches in width and 12 inches in height, it is a blue themed boy baby shower decorating option.

Also, you can use it as a top centerpiece of cake, but you just need put some wax paper to keep it separate from the cake frosting. Overall, the product is nice and the quality is good, but you can use it only for one time.

4. 6″ Mini Pink Elephant Girl Baby Shower Centerpiece Decorations

It is a cute for an elephant baby shower or a girl baby shower. It is pink themed centerpiece which refers that it is for a girl. The product is 6 inches in height and there is a banner which has a height of around 10.5 inches. Moreover, the packaging includes 4 mini pink elephant baby shower decorations.

The product will be looking very nice as a centerpiece on the center table, dessert table or gift table. However, the quality of the product is impressive, where the papers are enough hard the color of the centerpiece is also magnificent. The price of the product is very cheap and buying this will be worth of your money.

5. Girl Monkey Baby Shower Diaper Cake Kit, 25pc

This is a nice centerpiece and a cute gift for the new parents. This is basically a girl monkey baby shower diaper cake centerpiece or gift. The packaging includes a cardboard base (14 inches), 3 round-dotted ribbon strips (5 feet each), 1 top decoration, 10 assorted paper cutouts and the assembly is also easy as there are easy instructions available.

Although it is a diaper baby shower gift or centerpiece ideas, diapers are not included with the item and you can use diapers as you prefer. Also, it is a nice centerpiece for a jungle themed baby shower as there is a picture of a cute baby monkey. However, you will need around 82 newborn diapers, 82 small rubber bands, 6 big rubber bands and transparent tape to assemble the product.

6. Creative Converting 267058 Bubble Bath Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Honeycomb Centerpiece Party Supplies

This is a centerpiece made up with tissue and it is a nice rubber ducky baby shower centerpiece. This cute, nice and adorable center table decoration set is a magnificent way to decorate a bath time themed baby shower event. The size of the item is not too large, but it is a perfect for a small table. Also, the design is so impressive.

The measurement of the item is 9″ x 9 3/4 ″ and the assembly is also very easy since there is an easy-to-follow instruction manual. Moreover, you can use it for several events and the storage is also very easy; simply fold the pieces together. Also, the quality of the product is good and it holds a banner “Welcome baby”.

7. Cute Building Blocks Baby Shower Centerpiece

This is an adorable and cute building blocks baby shower decoration or a baby shower gift to the new parents. The item has made up with craft paper with a ribbon pull. There is an easy-to-follow instruction available with the packaging and the assembly of the product is also very easy.

Once you assemble the product, the measurement will be 8*5*14 ½ inches high. Moreover, the color of the product is so lively that will attract the attention of your guests. However, the quality of the product is good enough as it has made up with good quality material and this item is available at a cheap price.

8. Andaz Press Baby Shower Framed Party Sign, Double-Sided 4×6-Inch

The item includes one double-sided printed sign, 1 frame and it has been designed by Andaz press. The assembly of the product is so simple and it will take only 2 minutes to assemble it (just place the sign inside the frame and attach the base).

The frame is 4 inches in width and 8.25 inches in height. Moreover, the color of the product is so lively and the product has matte finishing. Also, the picture and write up has been printed digitally on excellent quality paper. However, you can also use this product as a 4R size photo frame.

9. Set of 2 Navy Blue and Gold Painted Mason Jars

The product includes 2 navy and gold quart size mason jars. The jars are magnificent and perfect to decor your baby shower event as a centerpiece. Also, these can be used as flower vase. The width of the product is 3.5 inches in width, 7.4 inches in height and 2.5 inches in diameter.

Since it is a glass painted product, you need to handle it carefully and do not wash it with water or dishwasher. However, the product has made up with good quality material, the coloring is so vibrant and beautiful and it is available with a cheap price.

10. Beistle It’s a Boy! Gleam ‘N Burst Centerpiece, 15-Inch

This item is a nice decor for your boy baby shower as it is a blue colored centerpiece. Also, you can use it in any other festive occasions. The product is 15 inches in length and covered with blue-metallic color.

The wire stems contain the icon ‘It’s A Boy”. However, the quality of the product is excellent and buying this product will be a worth of money.

11. E-A Baby Pillow Preventing Flat Head Syndrome, Head Shaping for Infant

This honeycomb shaped centerpiece includes a main centerpiece with 2 little fish side centerpieces. The width of the item is 9 inches and it is 9 ½ inches in height.

Also, there are some images of cute animals that make the outlook of the product so nice. This centerpiece is so cute and adorable and it is a nice baby shower decor. The quality of the product is also good and you will be glad buying this product.

12. Bouquet of 12 Baby Favor Boxes; Baby Shower Centerpiece for Girl!

This centerpiece has a classic outlook and it is for a girl’s ceremony. You can also use this item as a baby shower cake. It has a diamond glossy design with a pearl blue color.

The product includes 12 favor boxes and it is a perfect for decorating your baby shower event wherever (home or outdoor) you want. Also, the assembly is very easy and you can clean it up without any mess. The quality of the product is wonderful and the color is so lively, your guests will like it.

How to make Centerpiece at home

However, baby shower table centerpiecesbaby_shower_table_centerpieces can be of different types; but it will be following the theme of the baby shower. There are lots of baby shower centerpieces ideas that you can make yourself, but if you are not likely to give your effort, I will try to provide you with some ideas.

  1. Mason jar centerpiece: This is a nice piece of work and also very easy. To make this, you just need a mason jar, some blue or pink sand, blue or pink ribbons and a tealight candle. So, you simply need to tie the ribbon around the neck of the jar, pour some sand and place the candle inside at the center. It is ready!
  2. Paper lantern centerpiece: Attach the paper lantern with the mason jar with the help of ribbons. Place a battery powered tealight candle at the top of the mason jar. However, you can use glue sticks to attach the components.
  3. Flower centerpiece: Flowers are great to decorate centerpieces. Also, you can also use some synthetic flowers to make nice centerpieces.
  4. Water themed centerpieces: It is also a very easy task to make a water themed centerpiece. You need a large jar, a smaller jar, a candle and some blue or pink food color. Place the candle inside the smaller jar and put it inside the large jar. Now add color to the water and pour in between two jars.
  5. Children book and flower centerpiece: This is a magnificent baby shower centerpiece where the theme is children’s favorite book. So, you need books, vase and some synthetic flowers to make this and you also can wrap the books with crafts to go with the theme.
  6. Frozen fruit and floral ice bucket: Although it seems difficult, but it is very easy to make. Place a smaller bucket in a larger bucket and fill in between two jars with your favorite fruits and flowers.
  7. Elephant and peanut baby shower: Blue elephant boy baby shower or pink elephant girl pink shower also look very nice. You just need a bucket, peanuts, elephant stencil, craft paper and ribbons.
  8. Pumpkin centerpiece: Never think about it before, right? But it looks nice and suitable for placing one at every table. So, you just need pumpkins, ribbons and colors to make this centerpiece.
  9. Honeycomb centerpiece: It is also an easy idea and it looks so nice. You need some paper honeycomb of different colors and attach them together and give a nice shape.
  10. Baby cloth centerpiece: Centerpiece with cute and tiny baby cloth looks so adorable. So, make some tiny baby outfits, place them on a hanger with a stand.
  11. Cucumber centerpiece: Making centerpieces with cucumber and flower are also so nice, where the cucumbers work like the flower vase. You need to remove the inner portion of a cucumber and place some flowers there.
  12. Lime and flower centerpiece: Take a wide jar but not so high. Put some lime inside the jar and keep flowers at the top of the jar. You can use pink flowers or blue flowers depending on boy baby shower or girl baby shower.
  13. Fairy house centerpiece: Fairy house centerpieces are so nice looking and they are so cute. To make this you need some clay, a small jar with lid and fabric color. So, give the shape of a round home around the jar with the clay, make the top of the house; give doors and windows. Now use your favorite colors to decorate it.
  14. Balloon centerpiece: It is very easy and nice looking centerpiece. Tie some balloons of different colors together with a ribbon and attach a craft weight at the bottom of the ribbon.
  15. Diaper centerpiece: Baby shower diaper centerpieces are very popular and they are very nice looking as well. So, you can make diaper cakes or diaper flowers to use as centerpieces. You simple need some diapers, some flowers and some colorful ribbons to make centerpieces with diapers.
  16. Duck in pond centerpiece: A duck swimming in the pond looks nice as a centerpiece. You need a glass jar with wide neck, put some blue water-marbles and place the rubber duck inside the jar.
  17. Alphabet block centerpiece: You can also decorate the center table with tiny alphabet blocks and make some welcoming sentences such as “Welcome Baby” with the blocks.

I have tried to help you by providing several ideas of making baby shower centerpieces. Centerpieces are the center of attraction, so you should make it such a way that it can take the attention of your guests. A centerpiece can also be a fun themed so that the audience can get charm. However, I hope my ideas will help you, but you can also work with your creative ideas and inspiration to make some more magnificent centerpieces decorations. Also, you can buy centerpieces and they are also very beautiful.

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