Best baby walkers review 2017


It’s really lovely & memorable time when your baby makes some trying for walking. It is an important period both the parent & the baby. The baby needs the best support to wrapping up & the parent just hoping that  the small Girl/boy can overcome this step without any serious injury. And make it easy here the best baby walkers for your little learner who wants one of the best baby walker.

It’s not probable for every parent to give the baby full time with them when the baby starts to walk. To rescue your baby from injuries while they learning to walk, the baby must be provided some parental support like a baby walker. Baby walker is the essential tool that every parent eagerly to provide them.

This is the age the baby needs to speak up & the Familiarity makes the baby innovative & imaginative. A baby walker with a lot of functionality can easily fulfill your demands. And the babies can grow up properly. The baby walking materials should be Eco-friendly so that no harms to the baby.

Our Recommendation, If the baby is going to use the walker assistant upstairs or Somehow the baby riding it lonely, you should need to buy a baby safety gate to prevent any unfortunate mishaps.
If you are looking for the best  baby walker that safe  & that roll on the indoor or outdoor, makes your baby more busy with the baby walkers then you are on the right way, This is the page we made for the babies with the different baby walkers.  And we made this review page according to the amazon best selling walkers, Reliability, Parents reviews, price Entertainment Value etc. And will find reviews for multiple bay walkers like Seated walker, Sit-to-stand and with Best Push Baby walker as well.

Here the best baby walkers 2017


JOOVY Spoon Walker, Charcoal

Joovy Spoon by joovo family gear company, They produce family products for a long time. They have some good reputation producing family related products. Joovy spoon one of them. The item design proved that the company really care about your girl/boy baby who just going to learn walking in the very first time.
It is very simple & smooth to look on, If you are looking for a Classic product then it could be your one. The color & the overall structure very eye catching to watch. Included a big tray on it to help you put food or other playing instrument.

Joovy is a simple & compatible to roll on different coverlet floor. It is a seated & 4 wheels walker.

Product description

Three height changing positions, oversized wheels and non-slip stair pads

Folds flat for easy storage in home and best traveling experience
Seat pad is comfortable & supportive and the full machine washable

Wide base ensures that the baby fingers won’t get pinched

Super sized tray with removable insert, insert is dishwasher safe

Check Joovy Spoon Price & other details

Joovy is the top rated item, it got 5 stars customers review. This product good fit on Indoor, outdoor & especially on the different shape coverlet floor. It is the most selling product for is capability rolling on indoor and outdoor as well. Everything has a good sides & bad sides so, read the pros & cons which is listed according to the customers review.


First of all, works pretty good on coverlet & rugs. Usable for Indoor & outdoor but Your baby will need more power of course to move it.

Joovy walker conforms to California safety standards.

The tray is large enough to carry babies toys.

It has 4 Wheels, The front 2 swivel & the back wheels are stationary.

Simple design so that Storage in anywhere.

Surely, the best baby walker with simple design.

Good looking with multiple color combination & normal features like bells and light but everything is comfortable.

Price is too expensive but the parent pick this for performance.

One of the best baby walker


The wheels are a little bit stiff which is turns out to be difficult for the first time.

The other cons is the seat cushion may be tough to set properly after washing.

Here we have pointed the joovy walkers all important features that you should know before choosing this one. I think it’s little bit expensive but if you need a good looking, strength & the materials is made for your baby you should go for it.


Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery, Dino

Safety 1st sound truly the most popular baby walker to the parents who wants to learn walking and with some entertaining equipment as well & the price of the walker really affordable to got for this best one.

Adjust on  different coverlet which is reviewed by purchased customers. Distance from sit to the waist of the seat  it’s about 7 1/2 – 8 inches. Safety 1st sound walker is safer then other, the back wheels are Stationary & front wheels swivel.

  • The baby seat easily adjusts to 3 heights
  • The walker has 2 swing open activity trays and a nicelooking folding frame
  • Here 5 playful dinosaur-themed toys nice to watch and capable to entertain your baby with music and lights as well.
  • The grip strips reduce movement on uneven surfaces
  • Complete with a machine washable padded seat
  • Most popular and the best baby walker
  • One of the best baby walker

Product description by Amazon but look forward to know from customers who already used it.

This item reviewed above 8 hundred customer. Let’s read the pros & cons & the usability of this


Check Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery price


The walker has enough space for storing food & baby toys.

It has no brakes , but the front wheels come off easily to set down on the pads.

Nature sounds and lighting will make some different environment for your little baby.

Yes,  Best for different coverlet floors.

The price is very affordable.

Best baby walker

Portable and easy to fold to storage it.

seat cushion easy to set properly after washing.


It folds down, but not completely flat because of the back support on the seat.

May not be perfect for the shorter babies.

In this shorter review, we have mentioned the core pros & cons of the product. We believe that all the information are beneficial for you to make your decision.


Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer, Pink

If You you are looking for car shaped walker that roll on coverlet then Combi All in one can be good chioce for your little child. Comes with the major features that allow your child to stand, jump and explore his surroundings.

Don’t worry about your baby height because the baby item has three-position height adjustment and functions with a lockable jumper feature as well.

The product is very stylish to hear fun sounds, lights, mirrors and toys are included for your little child. You can remove the car hood to create a large tray surface to put drinks & food.

Below the 5 core features by amazon.

  • 100% Polyurethane foam
  • Imported
  • Three-position height adjustment
  • Lockable jumper feature
  • Walker and entertainer
  • One of the best baby walker

Check Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer price & details

Now, we find out the pros & cons of this walker according to amazon reviews who already purchased it. Under this item reviewed up to 200 more peoples who shared good experience with this.


Steering wheel light up & makes sound which helps to imagine in his small world.

The wheels can go in any direction with 360 degrees swivel ability.

It’s good on the thin or on multiple coverlet floor.

The little child getting it to bounce with their little efforts.

Three position height positioning adjustment functionality.

The Steering wheel has a button that play learning songs.

Best baby walker


Many moms reviewed that is not perfect for coverlet.

It doesn’t a foldable baby walker.

And the product price is little bit higher.

Very delightful car shaped walker for your little child. It’s looking good when your baby sit into it & for the parent who tried to brings some good stuff for their baby. If you are serious for your baby, you can check this product.


VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


This item by Vtech, Comes with the walking & the playing usability at a cheaper rate. And real thing is the walker good fit in floor and a non-seated item. You can also say this Push walker. The Parents who are searching for Best Push Baby walker this would be their best choice.

Amazon most selling product in a shorter time with 6000 reviews up & already achieved 4.7 rating out of 5 stars.

Two type of modes, one is educational mode & the other one is musical mode can delight your baby. It doesn’t seem to go too fast as you think to see the wheels functionality, rather than it is smoother.

It has a lever on the back two tires that goes from speed one which is best for novice & the other is speed two for faster babies.

Let’s see the major advantages & disadvantages that people love this baby & for whom they don’t recommend this.

Check VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker price & details


Thousands of customer pick it because it is so much cheaper.

Usable as a walker & a baby playing on the floor.

Thin, Colorful & comfortable for 6-8 months babies.

Two types speed control breaker , one is faster & another is slower.

Babies can roll on the indoor as well on the outdoor.

One of the best baby walker


According to the customer  is not good fit for the very little chlid.

So, it was the review about VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning, Hope it’s clear about the usability about this baby walker.

As a parent no way to avoid the baby walker. Every parent now much sensible to making decision about their baby. They don’t want to make any mistakes to pick a walker.


Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Happy Orange

It’s another piece of stylish & smooth item you have ever seen. Surely, Your baby will love this for its eye-catching design & easy riding on it. Chicco Dance might be one of your best choice according of our “Buying guidelines” the walker has exciting features that every parent expect.

The item has some good combination of an entertainment center with better walking performance in your budget. It’s comes with the safety mechanisms or breaks that really good & will bring the baby to a screeching halt.

In addition, Its just an amazing product or all in one fantastic walker!
Everything has a Good side and a bad side, Chicco dance walker has some negative feedback you must aspect. But we believe that negativity wouldn’t minimize the good outputs. Let’s see the pros & cons of Chicco dance.

Check Chicco Dance Activity Center price & More


Chicco dance has better rolling performance, might be best in any type floor.

This item is great even for the shorter babies.

Attractive appearance, colorful & Smoothy will make you fascinated. It has 3 colors options available for you right now.

The tool has a study center with musical department included.

It does folds & fold flat for home storage or traveling.

One of the best baby walker

The front two wheels swivel.

The item has 3 height adjustment settings for a customized ride.

Jumper guards on the corners protect wall surfaces

The walker moves all around in 360 degrees.

Mp3 hookup to play music from your mp3 player or mobile phone.


The walker good in home but not perfect for shag coverlet floor. (opinion of a customer)

The size of the seat is small so, it’s not good fit for larger child around 18 pounds (Customer reviewed)

This walker has 100 up reviews & got 4.3 rating out of 5 star. Thousands of customer believe that the walker is a good entertainer with better walking experience.


Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity, Jubilee

Just want to start “Kolcraft tiny steps 2-in-1 activity walker” as a sturdy baby item it’s ensure better safety for your little child. The product has good playing environment in cheaper rate including all important features.

Many babies don’t like to captive in a fixed place, they want to surroundings around the home & try to learn by himself. For them this tool really very useful. When the baby girl or boy trying her/him first step the full combination of the item perfect for them & next you can converts it from seated activity walker to a walk-behind walker as your child grows.

The tool is very simple to use & it is JPMA certified. Let’s talk about the pros & cons according the customers opinion on Amazon.

Check Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity price


Usable as a seated baby activity or seat-behind baby walker.

Folds flat to minimize room space & best for traveling with it.

Machine washable & easy-clean seat pad.

The  front wheels are Independent & can be set to swivel or locked

The Seat is height adjustable to grow with your baby.

One of the best baby walker


There is no musical entertainment center.

Lastly, We confirmed that the walker for long time use, Customer reviewed good things under this item. So it is a best-rated walker on amazon. We believe, this should be the best choice to the parent for the simple design.


Delta Children Lil Playstation II 3-in-1 Activity Center

This is the another best one with all in one combination. If you are looking for a musical entertainer that have an ability to achieved your goals as like as your demands you might be loved it. Color combination, stylish structure with entertainment environment so good on it.

It’s technically enhanced so that anyone can make adjustable it for their baby. The tray on the walker can divide into two parts.

The oversized play tray features the Disney characters your child loves so well.

Let’s move on to the Customers reviews, What they are saying about this baby walker & their opinion after use it for their baby. The walker has 4.3 ratings out of 5 stars with 200 reviews.

Check Delta Children Lil Playstation II 3-in-1 Activity Center Price


It is folds & fold flat.

Three steps height adjustment setting.

The front two wheels swivel but the back two wheels do not.

Washable padded seat

Best baby walker


Some customers reviewed that it’s so tall for shorter babies.

Best baby walker must have these Benefits

What Should Be Considered In Choosing a reliable A Baby Walker

A Infant walker must meet some criteria that can fulfill your certain demands. Your baby not just use it for walking rather that it makes them  busy for passing more times.  A parent should buy the best baby walker that has multiple features. First of all, The parent should be considered it as a toy before take it, so that the parent can go for a while Decidedly. Let you know some core features that you should look forward at the Buying time.

Toy store

Every parent wants that their baby passing more time in playing. Accordingly it should have some playing elements that the baby can busy with it when they stop walking. Some product has Toy store, babies can playing & store other toys in it. It’s the mandatory things of a baby walker & must important element part of a useful baby walker. Moreover, it may have some playing buttons that contain different lighting, music system as well. There are many in the that contain these types of key features.

Food try

You don’t think about your baby feeding when there is a food try on the walker. It’s just make you job easier to feed your child when they walking or playing on it.

And the good news is kids can learn to eat themselves too.

Brake pads

The Brake pads are most important as it takes control over the speed when needed under the wheels. While we choosing it there is no way to neglect it, The proper braking system is very important for a new walking baby as the safety concern. Focus on the brake pads how much it can control the wheels speed.

Stationary feature

This feature prevent it from moving altogether with the over weight. As the baby concern, moving some parts decreases the weight of the full package. And then it’s easier to the child to moving along. Make sure that the product you are going to buy it’s technically implemented.

Benefits of a best baby walker

A baby, when start its first footstep He/she has no strong sense mind to balancing himself.  So, a baby walker comes with its own capability that can supporting the baby.

When he able to making his first step. The tool give them more flexibility more power to keep walking. Surely it’s work as a walking assistant.

Entertainment Value

Entertainment value is top of the list when you considering yours from many.  The best part of a walker is keep entertaining element for the baby. Many activity provide lighting & musical entertainment elements.


For the busy parent, it could be a parental supporting tool.

Most of the baby don’t want to eating properly. Feeding the babies just in the amazing way, when they busy & playing on it.

Some has has food storing department. Leave some foods for them that they can take them when the need.  Mentioned before, it just help them to learn how to eating themselves.

Types of Best Baby Walker

There are hundreds of products with different features. No need to divide them according  to their multiple feature.

Here we just divide the walkers according their setting usability.

Seated walker

This type of activity has a seat. It gives the opportunity to the baby to sit, play and eating.

Sit to stand

Normally without the benefit of sitting. This one is better for baby who can stand up by themselves.

Why Prefer Seated baby walker:

Stated walker highlight full rather than Non-seated. Non-seated has not surrounding across the walker. And it’s little bit risky for the your little that can fall down into the back side when the used to walk. But, somehow it’s depend on your babies age how they can adapt with it.

Finally, About Best baby walker

It’s is the tough game to brings the best baby walker for your little one that can fulfill your every demand.

In this detailed review, we tried to show the importance hings you should consider before buying a walker.

It is the reality, you can’t find everything according to your criteria. You have  missed something from your demands.

Major facts you should follow first…

Is it thin?

Is is smooth enough that no harms been occur to your baby?

Is it eco-friendly?

Is it foldable?

Best baby walker

It has any playing or learning options to take them busy

The seat height can changeable.

There has a breaker on the wheels to control the speed.

Is it seated or not, Here I think it’s your choice, for a very little child seated is perfect & who already able to make steps non-seated you can prefer.

Now, it’s your turn, your decision, the way you want to go.

But, We covered this review page including most of the unique product that your baby feel comfortable. For the easy learn walking and pass more time on it, these are the best items that reviewed thousands of customer.

If you have any question or any opinion, feel free to contact to us or leave a comment. We will try our best to reply your question as soon as possible.